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European Support for SolaRoad

The Dutch SolaRoad project now exists for 6 years and is gaining traction. So much so that the EU has injected ca. 5 million euro fresh money in the undertaking. It started with a bicycle lane in Krommenie, now more ambitious bus lanes are tackled. Experiences from the 2014-bicycle lane project in Krommenie has shown that 90 kWh/m2 per year can be harvested. Investment cost is near-astronomical, but that was to be expected for a pilot project. The challenge is now to bring down cost with a factor of ca. five in order to become viable through economy of scale by automating the production of concrete road-elements with solar cells and glass cover on top.

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Bicycle lane density in Europe. The Netherlands has 35,000 km bicycle lanes. Covered with solar panels, they could generate 15 TWh or nearly 1% of the current total Dutch electricity production. The potential for car solaroads is many times bigger.

[] – Bicycle lane data the Netherlands

Local television reports about a new solaroad near Haarlemmermeer, this time not for bicycles but a heavy duty bus lane.

For the skeptics, remember the price of pv-solar in the seventies? Anyone who had predicted that by 2020 solar panels would be installed on ever more private rooftops, would be declared insane. It happened anyway. Solaroad economy of scale needs to bring down prices with ca. a factor 5, in order to become economical. It is too early to say that it can’t be done.

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