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Saving the Planet with 1 Trillion Additional Trees


Science has published research claiming that one trillion of additional trees could solve a lot of the world’s CO2-problems. By that, 2/3 of the cumulative emitted CO2 since the beginning of the industrial era, could be removed from the atmosphere and stored in harmless trees.

According to NASA, there are about 61 trees per person on this planet. One trillion extra would mean 143 trees per person on a world population of 7 billion. That would mean more than two times the amount of trees we already have extra.

Personally we would be more than happy to sacrifice a few days of our holiday in, say Spain, to contribute and plant 300 little tree-plants, provided it would be done in a collective save-the-planet effort.

[Source] Tree champ Finland, tail-light Egypt

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(Of course we have the discussion of what counts as a tree and what as bush)

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