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Sound-Wave Airco

Airco’s are real energy guzzlers. A Dutch company from Enschede called Sound Energy has introduced a new thermo-acoustik device, the THEAC-25, that can cool with sound waves. No need for electricity or fossil fuel, yet waste heat is required. Is that cool or what?

In Dubai a machine of this kind is cooling air in order to retrieve water from it.

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Closed Circle Plastic Production


Dutch startup Fuenix has developed a method of turning ‘post-consumer’ plastic waste into oil and from there into brand new plastic and got chemical giant Dow interested to
scale up the process for prime time. Fuenix claims that they can achieve a conversion efficiency old plastic –> new plastic of 70%, eliminating half the carbon dioxide emissions that result from plastic production from oil. Dow’s goal: at minimum 100,000 metric ton of recycled plastic by 2025 in the EU.

[] – Dow and Fuenix Ecogy Group Sign Circular Plastic Production Deal
[] – Fuenix company site

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