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2nd Subsidy-Free Offshore Wind Park in the Netherlands

This Summer the construction of offshore wind project “Hollandse Kust Zuid” was granted to Swedish Vattenfall. The company is prepared to build the wind park without a dime of government subsidy, as long as it can offer the resulting electricity on the Dutch electricity market and compete with others. Yet another slap in the face of those who claim that wind energy can only exist with subsidies. It doesn’t. Well, as long as storage can be ignored.

Capacity: 2 x 760 MW = 1.52 GW.
Location: stretched along the Dutch coast between The Hague and Haarlem.

[] – Vattenfall bouwt tweede windmolenpark op zee zonder subsidie
[] – Windpark Hollandse Kust Zuid

Under current plans, Dutch renewable electricity will arrive at 70% by 2030.

By 2050, the Netherlands no longer will have a fuel bill and the aging wind towers can be taken down and recycled into new towers in electric arc furnaces for merely 10% of the energy cost it takes to build a steel tower from scratch from iron ore. The energy to fuel the electric arc furnaces will come entirely from… wind energy!… making a mockery of those uninformed renewable energy amateurs who keep claiming that renewable energy can’t exist without fossil fuel.

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