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Tesla Overtakes Volkswagen in Company Value

Tesla has displaced Volkswagen as the world’s second most valuable carmaker, after a dramatic rise in share price pushed its market value to more than $100bn (£76.1bn). The milestone sets the stage for chief Elon Musk to collect billions in pay tied to hitting that target. Tesla’s share price has more than doubled since October, when the firm reported a rare quarterly profit.

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2020 Peugeot 208 & Electric e-208 Review

Renault Zoe 2020

Starting from € 33.590, range 395 km.

[] – Renault official site (English)
[] – Renault official site (Dutch)
[] – Renault Zoe

Honda E

City car for the typical commuter who drives 40 km per day. 1500 kg. The only e-vehicle that drives the rear-axis. 9.2 m turning circle. The car has a very agile feel. This is not an adapted gasoline car, it was designed as an e-vehicle from the ground up. Range 220 km. Recuperates energy during brake cycle. 80% charge lasts 30 minutes. Price 33.850 Euro. Max. speed 145 kmh, deliberately restricted for range purposes.

[] – Das Spaßmobil (The Fun Car)

Dutch Renewable Energy Potential

Restrained scenario

Dutch renewable energy potential according two different scenarios.
Average Dutch electricity consumption: 13 GW.
Total installed capacity 2018: 30 GW

Maximal scenario

[] – Het potentieel van groene waterstof voor de gebouwde omgeving
[] – Feiten over energie en energiegebruik in nederland

Installed capacity 2015 and expectations. By 2025 renewable electricity will have overtaken conventional sources.

Top 10 Most Efficient Solar Cells in 2020

LAES – Liquid Air Energy Storage Animation 2018

Scale: 5-100s MW power
Duration: 12 hours or more
No location constraints, unlike pumped hydro or CAES

[] – Highview company site
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[] – Cryogenic energy storage
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Buildings Covered With Solar Panels


The Copenhagen International School for Nordhavn is covered with 12,000 solar panels, which is sufficient to provide 50% of the buildings electricity needs.

Now Korean researchers have announced a breakthrough with capturing solar energy via semi-transparent windows.

[] – Opaque To Transparent Solar Photovoltaics — Have Koreans Identified The Ideal Tech To Transform Windows Into Solar Power Producers?
[] – Neutral-Colored Transparent Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

Tesla Announces 1 Million Mile Car Battery

Tesla announced in 2019 it would bring a 1 million mile car battery to the market in 2020. Signs are that progress is being made.

[] – Is Tesla A Step Closer To The 1 Million-Mile Battery?

Scale Model KLM Flying-V

The Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands is working on a scale model of a V-shaped plane, that promises to reduce fuel cost with 20%. The project is sponsored by KLM. The model is expected to be ready for real test flights later this year.

[] – Flying-V Energiezuinig vliegen op de lange afstanden
[] – Flying-V jet

DELFT – TU Delft preparation of model Flying V. FOTO GUUS SCHOONEWILLE

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