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How to Manufacture a Crib Entirely Fossil-Free

Long version, mixed Dutch/English language.

There are many renewable energy skeptics who claim that a renewable energy base won’t work, because, you see, “renewable energy is an extension of fossil fuel“. Vattenfal-Nederland showed that it is already possible to produce a child’s crib and mattress, entirely without fossil fuel. Paint from potatoes, transport by sail boat and e-vehicle, all machines are electric, steel produced with electricity. The cloth for the mattress is still made by hand. No cotton from abroad, but from locally-grown linen. The mattress filling was made from sheep wool, that had to come from the island of Texel. Use of the natural-gas powered ferry was out of the question, hence the sailing boat.

Vattenfall has the slogan “fossil-free within one generation“. And the first think the next generation will need is a crib.

Short Version.

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