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Finch Buildings

A Finch building is a modular, prefab, stackable building, made from sustainable European wood. Finch buildings can be relocated on the back of a truck. Compared with concrete buildings, emissions are modest. In fact, wooden homes are CO2-containers! As a rule of thumb, ca. 500 tons of CO2 are stored in the building, where a similar concrete building would release 500 ton of CO2 in the atmosphere.

We make high-quality modular buildings from solid wood (CLT). Within the Finch Product Platform we develop buildings of prefabricated modules, which are suitable for every target group and application. As a studio, apartment, office, care apartment or hotel. High quality, sustainable and fast.

Finch building project in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, with 38 modules.

[] – Company site
[] – Waarom het huis van de toekomst van hout is

4* hotel “Jakarta” in Amsterdam. Has 172 Finch modules as rooms.

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