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H2ERMES – 100 MW Hydrogen for Amsterdam

The plan: offshore wind electricity from the nearby North Sea will be used to electrolyze water. The resulting hydrogen will be used at Tata Steel and applications in the Amsterdam Harbor.

Other hydrogen projects Nouryon, a spin-off from AKZO-Nobel, is involved in:

• 20 MW Nouryon, Gasunie
• 100 MW Nouryon, TATA, Port of Amsterdam (H2ERMES)
• 100 MW Engie, Gasunie
• 250 MW Nouryon, BP
• 40 MW SkyNRG, KLM, Nouryon (Delfzijl)
• Ambition GW-scale water-elektrolysis in 2030 (Gasunie, TenneT, Groene H2-coalitie)

[] – Nouryon, Tata Steel en Port of Amsterdam in H2ermes
[] – Waterstof voor de energietransitie

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