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Winter Messes with Texan Energy Grids

Parts of the US and particularly Texas fell victim to a severe winter ice storm, leading to a mismatch between limited supply and huge demand, causing major disruptions in heat and electricity supply and blackouts for at least 9 million people in North-America, of which over 5 million in the US and 4.5 million in Texas alone.

Focus of attention gets grid-operator ERCOT, that lost 34 GW power. Most power loss comes from failing gas, coal and nuclear power stations, although many right-wing renewable energy skeptics blamed wind power and “frozen rotor blades” in particular for the winter calamity. To make matters worse, the Texan grid is not connected to the US national grid, so neighboring states couldn’t help.

[source] Viral Image Claiming to Show a Helicopter De-Icing Texas Wind Turbines Is From Winter 2014 in Sweden

For the real reasons, see the Time article, linked to below.

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