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Borssele III & IV Operational

The Dutch Borssele offshore wind farm I-IV of 1.5 GW is now completely operational and will be (briefly) the largest offshore wind farm in the world, after Borssele I & II were commissioned earlier. In the works are IJmuiden Ver (4 GW) and Hollandse Kust (7 GW), to be completed before this decade is over.

The Netherlands has an average 7/24/365 power consumption of ca. 13 GW. This would roughly match the renewable supply installed by 2030, even if capacity factors are included. After 2030, the Netherlands has 20 years time to double renewable output and complete the 100% renewable energy transition, in combination with the assumed mass availability of green hydrogen generation capacity. Nel ASA announced earlier this week that it expects $1.5/kg by 2025. If that materializes, it is difficult to see what could stop the ultimate success of the energy transition in the Netherlands… or elsewhere.

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[deepresource] – Preparations 4 GW IJmuiden Ver Offshore Wind Park Begins
[deepresource] – Tenders Windpark Hollandse Kust Zuid I-IV 1460 MW

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