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Going Dutch – the Rebirth of the Carver

The Carver began its life as a gasoline-fueled vehicle and even made into the UK Top Gear program, see video at the bottom. After a lot of ups and downs, Carver made a restart and now produces an e-vehicle (in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands), with the legal status of a scooter and hence no access to highways (yet). With an average occupation rate of 1.25, a weight of 1200 kg or more and fuel consumption of say 15 km/liter [*], the classic ICE sedan car is a terrible waste of energy and resources. This Carver vehicle could be an acceptable compromise between the outdated classic 5-seater Sedan and autonomous transport-as-a-service. And the Carver could be made autonomous too.

Width: 98 cm
Weight: 330 kg
Range: 100 km
Battery: 5.4 kWh
Price: €9,980.- (incl 21% VAT)
Capacity: 2 persons
Luggage: 75 liter
Speed: 45 kmh [**]
Charging time: 4-5 hours via household wall socket

[*] – 1 liter gasoline is about 10 kWh and brings you 15 km in a standard gasoline car. In a Carver, 10 kWh brings you 200 km!

[**] – That current speed limit of 45 kmh is legally inspired, not a technical limit and is chosen to ease market introduction. At a later stage, the 2-seater Carver could very well become a comfortable, lightweight alternative for the classic 5-seater sedan, including highway access and 100 kmh topspeed. It could also become an acceptable, privately-owned alternative for the corporate-owned, autonomous-driving taxi-fleet.

Carver Europe B.V. is a Dutch automotive company that develops and manufactures three-wheeled enclosed man-wide vehicles… Its headquarters, assembly factory, experience center and sales and marketing activities, are in Leeuwarden. The engineering team is located in ‘s-Gravendeel and operates under the name Carver Technology B.V.

The company was founded in 1994 by Chris van den Brink and Harry Kroonen as Brink Technologies Group B.V., although its history can be traced further back to 1990. Since then, the company has seen several changes to its name and structure. The current CEO is Anton Rosier and Chris van den Brink operates as CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

By 2019, Carver produced two distinct vehicle models: the Carver One – a high-speed model with a petrol engine – and a fully electric scooter model called the Carver. The latter was launched in late 2019.

[] – Carver corporate site
[] – Carver (automotive company)

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