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Spain to Build 500 MW Hydrogen Plant

Spanish renewable energy giant Iberdrola teams up with US power company Cummins to set up a 500 MW green hydrogen electrolyser plant in central Spain, with the intention to later expand to 1 GW.

Additionally, the two companies are building a 230 MW green hydrogen plant to produce green hydrogen for an ammonia fertiliser company Fertiberia in Andalusia.

The partnership between Cummins and the Spanish utility giant Iberdrola includes the construction of the 230MW Palos green hydrogen project in Andalusia, Spain, which will supply H2 to the ammonia-based fertiliser company Fertiberia.

As a side-note, there is a “special relationship” developing between Spain and the US in energy matters. Iberdrola is very big on US renewable energy markets, now Cummins is returning the favor and steps in real big in European green hydrogen, for which the US is not yet ready.

[] – Iberdrola and Cummins announce plans for Europe’s fourth hydrogen electrolyser gigafactory
[] – Cummings corporate site
[] – Cummins

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