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First Stretch Nord Stream 2 Completed

President Putin of Russia prevailed, again. Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical fact of the first order and will be an important stepping stone towards improving EU-Russian relations.

Vladimir Putin has just announced that one of the two legs of North Stream 2 has been completed and that gas is ready to be pumped from Russia to Germany. The second leg will be completed within two months.

For true Europeans, this is an event to celebrate.

[] – First stretch of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline completed on Friday morning Putin reveals, despite vehement US objections to scheme
[] – Putin says Nord Stream 2 gas link to be finished as U.S. seeks good European ties
[] – Macron’s overtures towards Russia deserve support, not scorn

Even traditionally Anglophile Netherlands and its #1 foreign policy think tank Clingendael understand that Russia is the future, certainly after Brexit (England out, Russia, Scotland, Ulster, Wales in). Russia is a European country (white, Christian, accepts the classic Greek-Roman heritage) and wants to be integrated into the European world. Together with Russia, Europa can finally escape from the embarrassing situation of being a colony of a former colony and can even begin to plan to reverse roles between Europe and a declining USA.

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