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Revolutionary New Production Technology Solar PV Film

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Solar PV panels are now a common site around the world and they do a great job. But they only work on flat surfaces. What about the millions of other surfaces that are not so conveniently shaped? That’s where flexible solar film comes in. The concept is not new but now a UK company has developed a unique Solar PV film that could make the technology accessible to millions more people in remote off grid areas in developing nations.

  • Efficiency at currently 11%, with hopes this can be increased to 16%.
  • Cost decrease as compared to standard PV panels: -45%.
  • The company intends to stay a R&D company and license production out all over the world.
  • Mass production planned as of 2023.

[] – Power Roll Solar Film

The Inside of a Windturbine

Volvo e-Trucks – A total Solution for Electric Transport

A little uncompensated promotion for Volvo e-trucks.

[] – Electric trucks

Lübeck e-Highway Update

If you can put catenary wires overhead rail tracks, you could do so over highways as well, right. Well, make that Autobahn. A recent update.

Spoiler: estimated payback-time: 1.5 year.

No need to electrify all the roads, just the highways, provided the trucks are equipped with a small battery that can bridge, say, 50 km.

[] – List of E-roads in Germany
[] – eHighway – Solutions for electrified road freight transport
[] – Feldversuch eHighway Schleswig-Holstein

First Airbus-319neo flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel

Toulouse, 29 October 2021 – Airbus, Dassault Aviation, ONERA, the French Ministry of Transports and Safran have launched the first in-flight study of a single-aisle aircraft running on unblended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

During the flight test over the Toulouse region on 28 October, one CFM LEAP-1A engine of an Airbus A319neo test aircraft operated on 100% SAF. Initial results from the ground and flight tests are expected in 2022.

The unblended SAF is provided by Total Energies. It is made from Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA), which primarily consists of used cooking oil, as well as other waste fats. HEFA is made of paraffinic hydrocarbons and is free of aromatics and sulfur. Approximately 57 tonnes of SAF will be used for the entire test campaign. It is produced in Normandy close to Le Havre, France.

[] – First A319neo flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel
[] – Airbus lässt Testflugzeug erstmals vollständig mit altem Speiseöl fliegen
[] – Sustainable Aviation Fuel
[] – Aviation biofuel

Hollandse Kust West Turbines Scaled Up from 10 to 14 MW

As a clear sign of the speed with which offshore wind turbine and installation technology is progressing, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has announced that the upcoming tender for the 1.4 GW wind farm Hollandse Kust West, planned to be operational in 2025-2026, will involve 14 MW rather than the originally 10 MW turbines.

[] – Minimum Wind Turbine Capacity for Hollandse Kust West Set at 14 MW

Borssele V Offshore Wind Innovation Site

Film! Latest pictures of the Borssele V offshore wind park. Borssele V is a small “innovation site” and addendum to the 1.5 GW production wind farms Borssele I-IV, intended to experiment with the latest offshore wind technology.

The Netherlands, with its centuries-old maritime and waterworks tradition, is well-positioned to capture a sizeable chunk of the future global offshore wind installation business. Borssele V is to become a knowledge center to support world-class offshore wind expertise.

[] – Innovation site Borssele Wind Farm Site V commissioned

Borssele offshore windparks I-V, near the coast of the Zealand province.

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IJmuiden Ver OWF Upgraded to 6 GW

The Dutch IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone, which is set to house TenneT’s next-generation offshore grid solution with a capacity of 2 GW per connection, is likely to incorporate three instead of two 2 GW grid connection systems and have 6 GW instead of 4 GW of total installed offshore wind capacity.

Planned operational date: 2028-2030.

These fresh ABP billions could come in handy.

[] – RVO Talks 6 GW for IJmuiden Ver Offshore Wind Zone

ABP Deinvests in Fossil Fuel, Goes Renewable

The ABP is the largest pension fund in the Netherlands and fourth-largest in the world. They just decided to withdraw from the fossil fuel sector and divert 15 billion towards renewable energy. That’s quite a breakthrough and will imply an enormous impulse for the energy transition in the Netherlands.

The ABP has its headquarters in Heerlen, 113 m above sea level.

[] – Pensioenfonds ABP stopt met beleggen in fossiele brandstoffen: 15 miljard euro naar hernieuwbare energie
[] – Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP

Iron Air Battery Technology

Why Rust Batteries May Be the Future of Energy – Iron Air Battery Technology. While renewable energy sources like solar and wind have now become cheaper than fossil fuels, developing long-term energy storage is key to overcome their intermittency. Lithium-ion batteries are the state-of-the-art battery technology but they can only cost-effectively provide energy for about 6 hours. So, what if we could extend the battery duration to 100 hours … out of thin air … and rust? Literally!

[deepresource] – Iron-Air – The Prospect of $20/kWh Grid Storage
[] – World’s cheapest energy storage will be an iron-air battery, says Jeff Bezos-backed start-up

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