Observing the renewable energy transition from a European perspective


Electro-wired trouser and vest cost about 100 euro. They arrived from China after 6 weeks, after I got a warning of delays due to excessive demand.

Last November, I executed an experiment in bringing down natural gas consumption and stay warm regardless. A report about that exercise here:

[deepresource] – One Month Without Natural Gas Central Heating

The essence of the solution was to create a small corner in your home, around your desk, next to a large window, with a thick curtain dividing the living room in a large 22 m2 and a small 8 m2 part. The latter was kept sufficiently warm with 1-2 300 Watt infrared panels, one under the desk, the other one on the desk for the legs and the other for direct radiation of the upper body.

But with more severe energy shortages looming in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, I tried to see if I could go even further. Preliminary result: it is possible to stay warm on a budget of ca. 6 euro cent per day (0.26 kWh), if you reduce your goals from keeping your house warm to merely keeping your body warm.

That’s where electro-wired clothing comes in, see pictures at the top and below:

The 2 red circles indicate the position of the 2 batteries and 2 buttons, that light up in color. Repeatedly pressing the button iterates through 5 degrees of heating. After a while, the first red position gets too hot.

A day has 16 hours. A single powerbank charge lasts ca. 4 hours, so that would make 8 charges per day times 33 Wh = 0.26 kWh. In the Netherlands, that’s about 6 euro cent per day electricity cost or 2 euro per month!

This solution is perfect for very poor people or people that have been disconnected from the natural gas grid for not paying their bills. Or for well-off people like me (or you), who anticipate that the energy situation in Europe could go terribly wrong in the wake of an escalating crisis over Ukraine, the Gulf, Korea and Taiwan (“WW3”).

[] – TENGOO Smart Heated Underwear Set Phone APP Control Winter Heating Suit USB Recharging Heated Thermal Tops Pants Winter Set

In order for this to work, you need 4 powerbanks: 2 for keeping you warm for perhaps 3-4 hours, while the other 2 are recharging. The silver one I bought a few years ago at an airport for ca. 80 euro, the 2 red ones from HAMA with 10.000 mAh capacity, I bought yesterday for 20 euro each; capacity 33 Wh.

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