Observing the renewable energy transition from a European perspective

Energy Yield per m2

Energy yield per m2 for biomass, onshore wind, offshore wind, Dutch PV-solar and Sahara PV-solar resp.

Using land to harvest energy in countries like the Netherlands is a waste, better use it for food or timber production and outsource energy production to other places like the in desert or at sea. The best place to harvest renewable energy is the desert, which is good news for countries in North-Africa or Arabia.

For overpopulated countries like the Netherlands, use all available roof space for solar and the North Sea for wind, but be skeptical about onshore wind and solar parks. Award that source of income to Africa (so they can buy our products). Britain and Germany, same story.

Energy from Biomass only makes sense as a waste product from food or timber production.

[] – Martien Visser

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