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Sea Level Rise Currently 0.51 cm/year

The UK Meteorological Office has reported that currently the North Sea level is rising at a speed of 0.51 cm/year. This is 3.5 times faster than it did 100 years ago.

At the current rate, it has to be assumed that large parts of the Netherlands will have been disappeared under the waves in 500 years time. But this is an “optimistic scenario”, as it can be expected that the sea level rise will accelerate as temperatures increase.

The Netherlands can handle 100 cm, not 300 cm.

If we assumed that the acceleration is constant, like that of the speed of gravity, and that in 2122 the speed of increase would have increased with another factor of 3.5, meaning 1.75 cm/year and again in 2222 (5.3 cm/year), Amsterdam will be gone in less than 200 years. The government would stop investing in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague long before that date.

The Netherlands was conquered from the sea. The sea will take it back.

[] – UK sea level rise is SPEEDING UP: Met Office reveals ocean is now rising by up to 0.2 inches every year – and is 6.5 inches higher than it was in 1990

And then there is the potential short time “bonus sea level rise” of 50 cm, if the West-Antarctic ice shelf breaks off…

[deepresource] – Sudden 50 cm Sea Level Rise Possible Within 20 Years

This is how the Netherlands would look NOW without dikes

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