Observing the renewable energy transition from a European perspective


This site aimes at raising the public awareness of all matters linked to energy and resources in general. The editor of this site believes that the world has arrived at the point predicted by The Club of Rome in 1972 and that scarcities of all sorts are now beginning to bite. Understanding the problem is the precondition of solving the problem, in as much as this is possible at all.

Added value for you by following this blog: we keep track of developments in the field, read articles and books and give pointers and short summaries, longer than a tweet but shorter than an article, so you can decide if is worth to dive into the subject in detail yourself. By reading merely a few headlines you can be sure to be kept up-to-date about major developments in the field.

About the editor: completed an engineering study at a Dutch university during the eighties. The choice of study was decisively influenced by the report of the Club of Rome. The editor researched on topics as photovoltaic solar cells, wind turbines and seasonal storage of solar heat.

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