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Presentation of Norsk e-Fuel

Electrofuels or e-fuels (synthetic fuels) are an emerging class of drop-in replacement fuels that are made by storing energy from renewable sources in the chemical bonds of liquid or gas fuels, aiming to be a carbon-neutral fuel. They are an alternative to aviation biofuel. The primary targets are butanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, but include other alcohols and carbon-containing gases such as methane and butane.

[] – Coming soon: green jet-fuel from Mosjoen, Norway
[] – Electrofuel

E-fuels criticism:

First Airbus-319neo flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel

Toulouse, 29 October 2021 – Airbus, Dassault Aviation, ONERA, the French Ministry of Transports and Safran have launched the first in-flight study of a single-aisle aircraft running on unblended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

During the flight test over the Toulouse region on 28 October, one CFM LEAP-1A engine of an Airbus A319neo test aircraft operated on 100% SAF. Initial results from the ground and flight tests are expected in 2022.

The unblended SAF is provided by Total Energies. It is made from Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA), which primarily consists of used cooking oil, as well as other waste fats. HEFA is made of paraffinic hydrocarbons and is free of aromatics and sulfur. Approximately 57 tonnes of SAF will be used for the entire test campaign. It is produced in Normandy close to Le Havre, France.

[] – First A319neo flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel
[] – Airbus lässt Testflugzeug erstmals vollständig mit altem Speiseöl fliegen
[] – Sustainable Aviation Fuel
[] – Aviation biofuel

DHL Express Buys 12 Electric Eviation Alice Planes

The German parcel delivery company DHL Express, owned by Deutsche Post, has ordered 12 “Alice” electric planes from the Israeli manufacturer Eviation and will operate them in the US.

Range 815 km, payload 1200 kg. First flight are to be commenced by the end of 2021. By 2024, all 12 planes will be operational.

[] – DHL krijgt 100% elektrische vliegtuigen
[] – Deutsche Post
[] – Eviation Alice

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