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Solar Energy from the Sahara

And the Lights Went on in Nigeria

In Nigeria 40% of the population doesn’t have access to grid electricity. A Dutch company called Lumos Global has just accessed $75 million from the World Bank to bring light to the dark parts of Nigeria. The offer: for a flat fee of $15,-/month, Nigerian families get access to off-grid electricity from solar and batteries. By 2025 the company hopes to have “connected” 1 million households and power lights, fans, televisions, mobile phones, fridges. Additional funds from the World-bank were granted to set up local solar mini-grids.

[] – Dutch Company to Light a Million Nigerian Homes With Solar Power

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Africa’s Largest Wind Farm in Kenia

Scale: 310 MW
Operational: 2018
Funding: 630 million euro, private funding, Dutch government, EU
Turbines: 365 Vestas 850 kW

About the project: predictable strong winds from the Indian Ocean. A lot of social resistance needed to be overcome, tribal quarrels. The Kenyan government not living up to its promise to connect the wind farm to the national grid. Dolleman is an Africa lover, you have to be. He lives there for 40 years now. The plan to build a wind farm is old, but in 2005 it gets contours. With two friends from Holland Harry Wassenaar and Carlo van Wageningen, Wim Dolleman gets enthusiastic support. 300 MW, that would be 20% of the total Kenyan electricity generation. A test period is completed with the conclusion that wind conditions are superb. Most money required is collected from 88 befriended Dutch entrepreneurs, many of whom are in the wind energy business. The World Bank withdraws, and is replaced by the African Development Bank. That was the turning point. The nomads understand that their soil hasn’t been taken away and that their cattle can graze between the turbines.

[] – Lake Turkana Wind Power Station
[] – Hoe het grootste windpark van Afrika er ondanks alles kwam
[] – Wind brengt welvaart, maar niet zonder slag of stoot
[Google Maps]

Dutch entrepreneur Wim Dolleman (“Wim Madman”) took the initiative for the wind project.

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The True Size of Africa

Africa is big, it is so big that it could contain China, the US, India, the EU and Japan. Africa currently has ca. 1 billion inhabitants. This number is expected to grow to 1.76 billion by 2050. In comparison: EU now has 500 million, US 330 million, China 1.40 billion, India 1.20 billion, Japan 127 million or 3.38 billion in total.


[] – World population

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