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Total Eren in 10 GW Green Hydrogen Project in Chile

H2 Magallanes project

Chile has one of the best renewable onshore potential in the world. Solar arrays high in the Andes mountains receive three times as much solar irradiation as Europe. The Chilean south has excellent wind resources. It is there that French oil major Total and its subsidiary Total Eren are planning a massive green hydrogen/ammonia project, called “H2 Magallanes”. Work is said to begin in 2025, with first hydrogen production to commence in 2027.

Chile aims for a 25 GW-worth hydrogen production by 2030.

In parallel, both Chilean and Australian officials have announced their ambition to export locally produced hydrogen to Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam, so it can be further distributed over Western Europe from there.

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Airborn Solar Panels

“Liftoff, we have a liftoff!”. Europe, one of those territories eagerly absorbing photo-voltaic energy generation, has a little bit of a space problem, being one of the most densely-populated areas in the world. A field covered with solar panels unfortunately can’t be used for agriculture. Or can it? The Fraunhofer Institute has found out that it is very well possible to use land for both agriculture and energy generation by stacking both functionalities.

Upshot agricultural yield: corn slightly negative, but grass and shadow-loving potatoes make no difference.

Influence partly shadowing on different crops

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The Forgotten Green Energy Champion Chile

Today Chile gets 45% of its electricity from renewable sources and intends to increase this to 90% by 2050… or earlier.

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Lithium Mining

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