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Autonomous E-Busses in Hamburg, Utah and Finland

Developments in Growing Food in an Age of Climate Change

Scientists in the Netherlands say they are close to a breakthrough which will allow crops to be grown in deserts. Many say this could completely alter life on the African continent and even end hunger. World leaders meeting at the climate talks in Germany are being urged to commit to more funding for new agricultural projects in drought-stricken parts of the world.

  • productivity: 900 head of lettuce per m2 (200 kg). Any other crop will do as well.
  • 1 hectare (100m x 100m): 4 workers, mainly supervising. Planting, watering, harvesting, packaging, all automated
  • production: around the year, completely planned, meaning little necessity for storage. Straight from the “field” to the super market
  • these production facilities can be build next to Amsterdam, Stoke-on-Trent, Johannesburg, Riaydh, Reykjavik, anywhere. Almost complete independence from environmental conditions
  • almost no transportation cost: production next to consumers
  • lights from leds doesn’t take that much energy. And if you don’t stack, you can let in sunlight (Summer)
  • Water requirements: near zero. All water remains in the building, apart from the small quantities embedded in the product

[] – “900 kroppen sla per vierkante meter en slechts 4 arbeiders per hectare”

Building Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations

[] – Peikko Group

Kutsuplus – The Smart Bus That Acts Like A Taxi

Add the usage of location aware mobile phones and smart algorithms to a public transport system and you get Kutsuplus. Use your mobile phone to express the parameters of your transport needs and you will be picked up by a vehicle. That sounds like a taxi, but it is not, since you are likely to share the vehicle with others. The price is accordingly between a bus ticket and a taxi fare.


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