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Voices From the Hades


[] – Athen will ganz schnell neu verhandeln –> Athens wants rapid negotiations.

Editor: Europe should have no hurry at all to speak with the OXI-morons. Europe has clearly stated that a ‘no’ means a Grexit. Athens should begin printing drachma. We will send some food aid and that’s it. We advice the king size army of Greece to standby and maintain order. Or perhaps take over government in case things get out of control, as they possibly will when the lights literally go out. Expect Angela Merkel and others to become the focal point of Greek hate. Today already a German camera team was stoned, apparently a habit there in the eastern Mediterranean. Thankfulness is a quality of noble people, not of the Greeks. The more you give them, the more they hate you.

Reactions from German convatives:

Scharfe Reaktionen aus der Union: “Die EU ist kein Wünsch-dir-was-Verein, in dem die einen die Spielregeln individuell bestimmen, und die anderen das Ganze bezahlen”, twittert CDU-Vizechefin Julia Klöckner. Die CSU setzt nach: “Gute Nacht, Griechenland. Ihr geht jetzt einen ganz schweren Weg.” Generalsekretär Andreas Scheuer spricht vom “linken Erpresser und Volksbelüger” Tsipras. Beim verbalen Zündeln nehmen sich deutsche und griechische Politiker nichts.

They all denounce Greece. CSU: “good night, Greece“. General-secretary Andreas Scheuer: “these people are leftist blackmailers and deceivers of the population“. CDU-vice chef Julia Klöckner: “the EU is not a wish something for yourself society and let others pay for it“.

Hear, hear.

Editor: if we were German or Dutch tourists, intending to go to Greece later this summer, we would try to cancel the holiday, as Schaeuble, Merkel and Dijsselbloem will be blamed for what comes next. You are sure you want to take the risk of being mugged, beaten up or taken hostage?

[] – Dijsselbloem hoopt op ‘eerlijke’ Griekse politici

Jeroen Dijsselbloem wrote a letter to his own party the PvdA, explaining the events and where he calls for ‘honest Greek politicians’. We have our little suspicion that the OXI-morons Tsipras and Varoufakis don’t quite measure up to the Dijsselbloem’s standards.

[] – Een euro zonder Griekenland is voor iedereen een opsteker

Syp Wynia: a euro without Greece is better for everybody.

Bye, Bye Greece


It’s over. EU, IMF en ECB have enough. Over the last seven years, enormous money transfers were made, boiling down to some 30,000 euro per capita, a large part of which will be gone for ever. Our sympathy this time is with the West for a change and absolutely not with the Greeks, who kept sabotaging every reasonable solution. Now the country is going to fall flat on its face. We feel utter contempt for the so-called ‘elite’, like Tsipras and Varoufakis, although we feel sorry for all the pensioners, who will face a terrible hard time. The Greek population probably by and large doesn’t yet understand what is going to happen, like rationing of imported electricity and the break-down of most government services. The Greeks saw their own leaders on television all the time in the company of the political grands, like Juncker, Merkel and Lagarde and they were confident that they wouldn’t let Greece fall. They were wrong. For seven years Brussels did all it could, now it is over. Enjoy the collapse Greece.

The first European priority should be to ensure that the euro remains stable, send some emergency aid to Greece at best and give them time to reintroduce the Drachma. We tried our best to save Greece, now we should think of ourselves and prevent that other European countries will follow the Greek example by thinking that they can get rid of their national debts for free and thus cause the collapse the entire euro- area in the process. No mercy with Greece.

The good news: the seemingly unstoppable drive to keep expanding the EU has now been stopped. Turkey and Ukraine don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to become EU member.

It is likely that when the full truth starts to dawn on the Greeks, their former heroes Tsipras and Varoufakis will not survive very long. We bet on a return of the colonels to prevent a possible civil war between the left and right.

Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany


In a latest move to escape from the only sensible path for Greece to follow, namely the path of the Troika, Athens now threatens to take hostage German-owned property located in Greece, as a security until WW2 reparations payments have been made.

[] – Does Germany owe Greece wartime reparations money?
[] – Athen droht mit Pfändung deutschen Eigentums

Are these measures justified? In order to answer that question, you need to understand WW2. Here is the spoiler: German reparations to Greece are NOT justified. It is more reasonable that Greece pays Germany, although it is unlikely that Germany will insist on payments.


Let us explain.

If we are to believe American propaganda, the Germans started WW2 because they wanted to ‘conquer the world’ (quite an unusual thing to do for nationalists, come to think of it) and we can trust Hollywood to come up with a map of Europe, with a swastika stamped on it and a black ink blot spreading over Europe (‘Nazi’-occupation), accompanied with a sinister undertone to illustrate that an insatiable German drive for ‘Lebensraum‘ was at work here. Fortunately, there were the notoriously noble Allies such as Americans, Soviets, British, French, Poles, Canadians, Australians, Indians, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Belgians, Yugoslavs, Greeks, Moroccans, Algerians, Egyptians and what not (quite a long list actually), who were ready to liberate Europe from evil. End good, all good.

Now, you can accuse the Germans of a lot of things, but not stupidity. Were the Germans really looking for a fight with this kind of force majeure, outnumbering the Germans 1:6?

Of course not.

But this war happened nevertheless, so could it be that in reality is was precisely the other way around? That that long list of enemies was being lined up against Germany? That was indeed the case. WW2 was a conspiracy of Roosevelt and Stalin plus paid British stooge Churchill against Germany, using Poland as useful idiot. Churchill, who headed the British war party, managed to push Chamberlain aside and take over government. The US pushed Britain and France in the war against Germany, here Chamberlain’s confirmation. Britain pushed Norway, Holland, Belgium and Greece out of neutrality, Britain had Canada, Australia, India and others in their empire, France had Morocco, Algeria and others and finally the USSR supported the Yugoslav coup, directed against Germany. That’s what we mean when we say that all countries mentioned were lined up against Germany.

As a consequence Germany had to face almost the entire world. And if Germany had NOT been allied to Italy and Japan, Germany might even have prevailed. After all, it was Italy and its silly invasion of Greece that opened the Greek door for the British to invade, forcing the Germans to invade Greece to counter that threat against their only source of oil, Ploesti/Romania, that was now in range of British bombers. That British operation delayed Barbarossa with a few valuable months and was the reason why the Germans failed to take Moscow before the onset of the extreme cold winter 1941-1942. And without the alliance with Japan, the US would not have found a way to join the war against Germany, via the provoked Pearl Harbor attack.


For an average television watcher, who thinks that a bag of cheese doodles, a couch, a television and a Steven Spielberg movie, suffice to understand history, this inevitably sounds like blasphemy. That’s because you believe in the pack of lies the Allies concocted in Nuremberg, to their own advantage.

Here is a chronological list of all the invasions the Germans carried out between September 1939 and June 1941, a rather impressive list one might add:

1939-09-01 – invasion of Poland

1940-04-08 – invasion of Norway

1940-05-10 – invasion Low Countries and France

1941-04-06 – invasion Yugoslavia

1941-04-11 – invasion Greece

1941-06-22 – invasion USSR

…resulting in this, rather spectacular result:

German occupied Europe, 1943

And at first sight, one is excused to think that it was all the Germans fault. After all, nobody invited Germany to invade their country, now did they? All true.

Nevertheless, there is a little problem with that explanation, because there are a few ‘details’ left out from that story:

  • How about Poland preparing for ethnic cleansing of Germans, forced to live in Versailles Poland, before the start of the war in September 1939?
  • How about Britain and France declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939?
  • How about German intelligence finding out in February 1940 that Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were busy plotting for war against Germany?
  • How about Britain and France preparing for the invasion of Norway to cut off iron ore supply from Narvik as early as January 1940?
  • How about Britain and France preparing for an assault against the industrial heart of Germany via the Low Countries early 1940?
  • How about hundreds of thousands of mobilized British and French troops roaming the French country side after September 1939?
  • How about the USSR invading Finland and secretly plotting with Britain and France to connect Soviet troops with British and French troops in Sweden to encircle Germany?
  • How about Soviets meddling in Yugoslavia with the purpose of setting up another front against Germany, before the Germans invaded Yugoslavia?
  • How about British landing in Greece on a location nearest to the only oil source Germany has, namely Ploesti, Romania, before the Germans invaded Greece?
  • How about the USSR being in a full state of mobilization, from Wladiwostok to Smolensk, preparing for the assault against Germany and the rest of Europe?

You could of course think that the garbage above is written by chain-smoking, tax-avoiding, child-beating Neonazis, with tattoos all over, who open their first beer bottle at 11 o’clock in the morning, hacking on a computer in moms basement. That’s not the case, but there is no way for you to know that. So don’t believe us.

The Allied war archives are closed and for very good reason, because they are hiding a lot of dirty secrets. Unfortunately for the Al(l)lies, revealing information has started to leak from an unexpected source: Finland.

[] – Finland in the eye of the storm
[revblog] – Finland in the eye of the storm
[juliusmilaitis] – Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s book

Very brief summary of Finland’s role in WW2: after the Winter War between the USSR and tiny Finland (1939-11-30 – 1940-03-13) Finland became allied to Germany. Finland invaded the USSR together with Germany in June 22, 1941. The Finnish leader during the war was marshal Mannerheim. After the war, Mannerheim handed over all his secret documents (S-32 file or Mannerheim Files) to a trusted aide, Vilho Tahvanainen, who kept them, familiarized himself with the content and wrote a book about it, published in 1970:

Book written by Mannerheim’s special agent Vilho Tahvanainen, “Special Task”, a copy of which which we recently got in our possession. This book could revolutionize our understanding of WW2 and trash the allied Nuremberg lies.

Now, we don’t speak a word of Finnish and you don’t probably either, here a sample of that strange language:

Hyvä lukija, olet naiivia uskoa kaikkea amerikkalaiset ja neuvostoliittolaiset sanovat. Olet tuhlaa elämääsi istuu television ääressä, ja hyväksyn kaikki Hollywood sanoo nimellisarvoon..

See, not the faintest idea what that means. Fortunately we have the three “Finland in the eye of the storm” links, given above, as well as this book, also in Finnish, written by Erkki Hautamäki, who elaborates on the Mannerheim files.

These two books describe a total different story about WW2 than the official lie. Mannerheim was told by the Germans what the allies were really up to, according to their gathered intelligence on February 1940, when Finland was under Soviet attack. Here is a map of what the Allies (UK, France and USSR) had planned together:

Mannerheim files, WW2 big picture. Detailed plan agreed upon between Churchill, Stalin and the French high command, early 1940. The Allies have agreed on four fronts to destroy Germany: North, West, South, East. Eventually all fronts would materialize, albeit with considerable delay, because the Germans found out. The fundamental decision of the Allies to destroy Germany originates from early 1939, before the beginning of the war.

Early 1939, the Americans had pushed Britain and France into a war guarantee for Poland and the British and French hoped that this would deter Germany from attacking Poland. At the same time, the Americans encouraged the Poles to not give in to any German demand concerning the 97% German town of Danzig. But the Germans were so much under pressure from developments in Poland: mobilized Polish army, Polish persecutions of the Germans, forced to live in Versailles Poland and an escalating Danzig-crisis, that they accepted an out-of-the-blue Soviet offer for a non-aggression agreement, so the Germans did not need to fear a two-front war and the Germans hoped that the non-aggression agreement would deter the British and French from declaring war. When the Germans invaded, the British and French, with great reluctance, obliged to their treaty obligations and declared war. On September 3, 1939, the situation in Europe was such that Germany, Britain and France were at war with each other, which all three of them had hoped to avoid. The very fact that neither Germany, nor Britain and France were interested in war is illustrated that nothing happened for a full seven months, the so-called Phoney War of Sitzkrieg. The only ones, who were really interested in a European war were the Americans, Soviets and paid US stooge Churchill.

The great revelation of the Mannerheim files is that at least as early as Spring 1939, the West (Roosevelt, Churchill, but not Chamberlain) and USSR were already in bed together, determined to destroy Germany (and Europe). The US paid stooge Churchill, behind Chamberlain’s back, French military circles and Soviets (with American support in the background) had agreed on October 15, 1939, on a joint war against Germany.

North front. The plan was that the USSR would attack Finland (happened indeed on November 30, 1939) and that the British and French would invade Scandinavia under the pretext of coming to the aid of the Finns, where they in reality were only interested in surrounding Germany, as well as cutting off Swedish iron ore winter supplies via the Norwegian harbor of Narvik [1][2][3][4]. The British/French invasion of Norway did indeed happen on April 8, 1940, but came a few weeks too late, because the Finns and Soviets had already reached a surprising peace agreement, which until today nobody really can explain. Why would a colossus like the USSR attack a tiny nation like Finland and withdraw after a few months? Here is the kicker: because the Germans understood the allied plans and threatened to bomb the Soviets, when they would not let go of Finland, despite the non-aggression agreement. And the Soviets did. The Germans knew everything and preempted the operations. They invaded Norway at the same time as the British and French did and 8,000 Germans had predictably little trouble defeating 25,000 British and French troops, as well as 50,000 Norwegian troops, who got what they deserved, because they had abandoned neutrality, after caving in from pressure from Churchill.

West front, same story, see map. Both the Dutch and Belgians, like the Norwegians, had given in to allied pressure to allow overpass to British and French troops on their way to the Ruhr area. The Germans preempted the attack and occupied Holland and Belgium, read Goering’s NMT testimony about why Germany invaded Holland and Belgium [] or Dutch-Jewish court historian Lou de Jong with his late revelations. The upshot of the allied experiences at the north and west front was one of total surprise about the speed with which the Germans advanced. Stalin understood that in 1940 he was not yet ready for war against Germany.

South front: with the allied plans in the North and West shattered, the British saw a possibility to open a south front, when Italian operetta warrior Mussolini, without knowledge, let alone approval of Germany (Hitler was furious), began to attack Greece and thus violated the neutrality of Greece. This opened the possibility for the British to ‘come to the aid of the Greeks’ and bring troops ashore near Thessaloniki, bringing the only essential source of oil the Germans had within reach of British bombers: Ploesti, Romania. That was the only reason why the Germans were forced to invade Greece and kick the British out. The war would have been lost without oil supplies, just like the war would have been lost if the Germans would not have intervened in Norway, when the British and French tried to interrupt the supply of iron ore via Narvik.

So, to answer the question regarding German war reparations to the benefit of the Greeks: no, not justified. The British never directly supported the Greeks in their struggle against the Italians, but used the Italian invasion as a pretext to threaten a German vital interest: oil in Romania. Did the British anticipate the German invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece? Of course they did, it was the British intention precisely to spread German forces thin, cause a delay and give Stalin valuable time to complete his military buildup against Germany.

East front: the official lie is that Germany attacked ‘unsuspecting peace-loving USSR’ in search for Lebensraum. All baloney. It is true that when Hitler was a nobody and was doing time in Landsberg prison in 1923 and had time to write his Mein Kampf pamphlet, that he was dreaming of acquiring ‘Lebensraum‘ in the East, notably in the Ukraine. Why? Because the murderous British food blockade during the Winter of 1918/1919, which forced Germany on its knees and got nearly one million Germans killed, brought Hitler the conviction that Germany did not have the means to feed itself and that it needed to acquire new land. And since the other European powers had colonized almost the entire world, there was nothing else left than land in the East. On top of that, the USSR was embroiled in civil war and very weak. But that was during the first half of the twenties, when Hitler was nowhere near power. When Hitler came to power in 1933, the USSR had become a powerhouse and scared the hell out of Hitler. In the German archives there is not a hint that after 1933, Hitler ever planned to invade the USSR. The British, French and Soviets had planned that the latter would reach Berlin in the summer of 1940, the smashing success of the Germans with their Blitz-Krieg surprised everybody and convinced the Soviets that they needed more time to prepare for the final assault against Germany. That moment came the following year, but already during the Molotov-visit to Berlin of November 12-13, 1940, Hitler became convinced that the USSR was not really interested in sticking to the terms of the non-aggression-agreement and secretly was preparing for war. That impression was based on the outrageous territorial demands Molotov made and Hitler began to prepare for the worst. By May, 1941 it was clear that the Soviets could attack any moment and the Germans decided to deal the first blow and it was that decision that ultimately was responsible for the outcome of WW2, namely that not the entire Eurasian landmass fell into the hands of the Soviets, but that the lesser evil, Soviet ally USA, also got a piece of the European pie.

Summary WW2

By 1939, The USA and USSR had the first and second largest economies on earth, yet the planet was still dominated by a handful of competing European countries and their empires:

Global GDP distribution 1940 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11

This little table clearly shows that the conventional Nuremberg tales are lies. Germany never had a chance against four combined Allies, with an economy six times that of Germany. When the war was over the Allies organised a war trial the cover up all the traces of the rape and construct a pack of vicious lies that the world believes until today.

The US and USSR decided to exploit the inner-European post-Versailles quarrel about whether Germany was allowed to exist at all and team up, destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. And that is what happened. Before the beginning of the war, the British and French leadership had reluctantly come to terms with the existence of Germany and the impossibility to uphold the post-Versailles order in Europe. But in Britain there was a war party, lead by Winston Churchill, who operated for American-Zionist interests (Focus group), not for British interests. It was solely him who put Britain on the war path with Germany, by stoking against Germany for years in parliament, with inflammatory speeches, written by Royal Dutch Shell chairman Waley Cohen. Watch this fascinating 25 minute BBC documentary about the American clerk Tyler Kent [mirror part-1, part-2], who oversaw the Roosevelt-Churchill plotting for war against Germany and decided to be a Edward Snowden avant la lettre and warn Congress, at the time not yet a paper tiger. Unfortunately, Churchill intercepted Kent and threw him in jail.

None of the German invasions was an unprovoked act of aggression, it was precisely the other way around. In all cases, the German invasion was prompted by preparations/actions of the opponent. You don’t believe us? How about referring to that American, who of all Americans, was in the best position to know the truth about WW2? And we all know that there is nothing nobler than an American. After all, they say so themselves, day in, day out, via their media outlets and Hollywood. An American, who in 1945 had access to all the German archives and who sought and sought… but could not find. That American was Robert H. Jackson, the head of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

And what did Nuremberg Tribunal chieftain Robert H. Jackson say during a meeting in London in 1946, when he was preparing the Anglo-Soviet victors Stalinist show trial:


MR. JUSTICE JACKSON. I really think that this trial, if it should get into an argument over the political and economic causes of this war, could do infinite harm, both in Europe, which I don’t know well, and in America, which I know fairly well. If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. And the same is true of our Russian relationships. The Germans will certainly accuse all three of our European allies of adopting policies which forced them to war. The reason I Say that is that captured documents which we have always made that claim-that Germany would be forced into war. They admit they were planning war, but the captured documents of the Foreign Office that I have examined all come down to the claim, “We have no way out; we must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.”

We must fight; we are encircled; we are being strangled to death.
That does not really sound like a country plotting to acquire Lebensraum, let alone conquer the world, now does it? Yet the Allies insisted on that interpretation, to hide the fact that in reality it were the US and USSR who wanted to conquer the world and the US does so until today. The war against Germany was the first step for the US to establish a world empire. After the defeat of Germany, the USSR was next. Now that the USSR is defeated the entire world is next on the program. The US never ‘liberated’ Europe, instead it set it up for destruction, like all other countries it destroyed since.

Those who win a war, write the history. But there is no example in history where the despicable pack of lies is so huge, so enormous, than the one concocted by the Allies in Nuremberg. And the incredible damage it did to Europe will be hard to undo. But we have no choice but to engage in that battle for the truth. The Anglo-Soviet Nuremberg tales are an instrument to mentally colonize the Europeans. Now that the USSR is dead and we are rapidly approaching the end of the American era, it is time to bring these stories to the dumping ground of history.

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Let Greece Pay With Oil

Greece has “at least” $600 billion worth of gas and oil reserves beneath its territorial waters, according to a new study presented to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras within the last few months. Reuters has also confirmed the story. Well then, that could lead to a perfect solution for Greece’s debt woes… why not exchange a large chunk of the debt Greece has with its northern European partners in exchange for oil concessions? Everybody happy. Greek pride is restored as it is able to pay off its debt after all and northern Europe can finally concentrate in teaching the Greeks how to pay taxes, if Greece really wants to become a serious European nation. Currently Greece has ca. $400 billion debt. Why not write off half of it in exchange for Aegean oil and gas. Everybody happy. Letting Greece get away with a default is no option as it creates a very bad precedent for other debtor nations and finally the entire financial system.


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