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Towards the End of Open Air Farming?

The current drought in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, followed by drastic measures to reduce water consumption, underline that open air farming could slowly become a thing of the past. The production of 1 kg tomatoes in open air farming requires 200 liter water. In a closed-system hydroponics greenhouse, that consumption is reduced to 12 liters. At this low level, even desalinated seawater can be considered as a source, as this project in Australia has proven. An additional advantage is that production can take place all year around.

[] – Drought emergency declared in northern Italy
[deepresource] – Growing Crops in the Australian Desert with Seawater

Real Threat of European Gas Shortages

“…those feelgood Vattenfall Swedish-feminized adds about “fossil free within one generation”, with high IKEA/Greta Thunberg/Pippi Långstrump-calibre”

[] – Europe was already facing a winter gas crisis. The risks just got even bigger

The German Bundesnetzagentur has decided to suspend the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on a bureaucratic technicality, thereby seriously risking gas shortages in Europe, later this winter. They still can’t accept that Russia holds the energy cards, not the self-styled ‘morally superior’ West, that is about to lose the geopolitical wrestling with Eurasia, leaving a trail of wrecked countries after sneaky western organized regime changes succeeded/failed (Germany-1939, Vietnam-1955, Russia-1991, Afghanistan-2001, Iraq-2003, Libya-2011, Syria-2011, Ukraine-2013, Belarus-2020), all motivated by a US deep state (since 1933) and their European vassals (since 1945) desire to conquer the entire world and park it into a single borderless power structure (Open Society Program), run by Anglo oligarchs, with triple capitals Washington-New York-London and all its globalists institutions UN-SC-WHO-WTO-IMF-WB-UNICEF-WEF-Wallstreet-FED-$-Pentagon-CIA-Hollywood-CNN-NYT-WP-Time-BBC.

However, two Anglo centuries (British Empire 1815-1945, US Empire 1945-202x) are about to come to an end. All the signs are that Anglosphere/Five Eyes is losing the geopolitical competition and will be forced to step down from planetary hegemony. The fact that the US is deeply polarized will only hasten its demise, with the distinct possibility that the US will fall apart in a Yugoslav-style process of dismemberment and secession.

Good riddance to the US empire and its British water carrier. Tighten the energy thumbscrews, Vlad! All it takes is a good trade war EU-UK over the Northern Ireland Protocol and a Chinese/North-Korean attack in East-Asia to humiliate AUKUS, and we in continental Europe can dump the Anglos for good. Europe, that ruled the world between 1492-1939, as a set of competing mid-sized nations, is too good to be anybody’s colony. As a united political entity Paris-Berlin-Moscow (EU + Russia/Ukraine/Belarus) we can organize a comeback and still be the first address on this planet.

[source] Orwell’s world vision from his dystopian novel “1984”, published in 1948. Samuel Huntington and his “Clash of Cvilizations” would have approved, more or less. Euro-Siberia or “Christian State” (orange), China or “Confucian State” (green), Anglosphere or “Judaic State” (pink) and finally the Disputed Territories or “Islamic State” (yellow). Orwell only had Turkey wrong. Rather than being a Kemalite European appendix, Turkey is the most prominent candidate to lead global Islam. Erdogan at least is willing.

Never waste a good crisis. A few weeks of the entire European population sitting in the cold, courtesy the Bundesnetzagentur, would achieve more than all those feelgood Vattenfall Swedish-feminized adds about “fossil free within one generation”, with high IKEA/Greta Thunberg/Pippi Långstrump-calibre. A good space heating crisis could cause moving the public attention away from abstract, difficult-to-verify, long-term climate deliberations, towards a far more pressing, direct in-your-face fossil fuel SHORTAGES problem. Why worry about emissions, if there is nothing left to burn?

Europe should be prepared to take it on the chin. Covid-19 and gas shortages could become a blessing in disguise, because they could create the conditions for Europe to “tunnel” to the other side of the energy divide fast and first, to borrow an idea from quantum-mechanics. Energy shortages could break the back of the NIMBYs, all those alleged renewable energy proponents, who refuse a wind-turbine and high-voltage lines in their backyard, because it is supposedly bad for the net worth of their real estate. The rule should be that small regions are largely responsible for their own energy needs. No wind energy on your turf? Fine, sit in the dark and cold then.

Proposed measures for a fast transition:

  • The renewable energy transition is inevitable, hence make a global competition out of it, with Europe very well-placed to actually win that competition. Because of all great powers, the EU is the most serious about its renewable energy strategy.
  • Cancel long-distance mass tourism for energy and virological reasons. Don’t waste your money on that trip to Bali, finally buy those solar panels or heat pump instead.
  • Tell Airbus to start the transition towards hydrogen fuel now.
  • Compensate every business air-mile for 100% with atmospheric CO2-extraction (vegetation), regardless of the cost.
  • Make the home office the new normal, or rather work from a multi-tenant building at walking distance from your home. All you need is a bureau, computer, monitor, internet connection and a coffee machine.
  • Allow direct exploitation of autonomous driving: no driver on highways or remote virtual driver in the city, all aimed at encouraging dumping private car ownership.
  • Make it illegal as soon as realistically possible to sell or buy an ICE car.
  • Accept the China-proposed New Silk Road as the new economic backbone of the planet.
  • No local renewable energy generation means no energy.
  • Regional financial compensation for people living near renewable energy generation facilities.

The intent of this exercise is not (just) tree-hugging, but also a well-considered European hard-power geopolitical-industrial power-grab, aiming at industrial domination of core industries: renewable energy generation and storage, e-transport (cars, trains, ships, planes), space-heating, energy conservation, heat pumps, hydrogen, thermal isolation, etc., etc.

[source] The Grasshopper building in Amsterdam, with the maxim (in old-Dutch spelling): “De cost gaet voor de baet uyt”, meaning: “you need to invest before you can expect returns”. That’s a message Europeans should take to heart regarding the renewable energy transition that will ensure them a return to lost geopolitical prominence.

Voices From the Hades


[] – Athen will ganz schnell neu verhandeln –> Athens wants rapid negotiations.

Editor: Europe should have no hurry at all to speak with the OXI-morons. Europe has clearly stated that a ‘no’ means a Grexit. Athens should begin printing drachma. We will send some food aid and that’s it. We advice the king size army of Greece to standby and maintain order. Or perhaps take over government in case things get out of control, as they possibly will when the lights literally go out. Expect Angela Merkel and others to become the focal point of Greek hate. Today already a German camera team was stoned, apparently a habit there in the eastern Mediterranean. Thankfulness is a quality of noble people, not of the Greeks. The more you give them, the more they hate you.

Reactions from German convatives:

Scharfe Reaktionen aus der Union: “Die EU ist kein Wünsch-dir-was-Verein, in dem die einen die Spielregeln individuell bestimmen, und die anderen das Ganze bezahlen”, twittert CDU-Vizechefin Julia Klöckner. Die CSU setzt nach: “Gute Nacht, Griechenland. Ihr geht jetzt einen ganz schweren Weg.” Generalsekretär Andreas Scheuer spricht vom “linken Erpresser und Volksbelüger” Tsipras. Beim verbalen Zündeln nehmen sich deutsche und griechische Politiker nichts.

They all denounce Greece. CSU: “good night, Greece“. General-secretary Andreas Scheuer: “these people are leftist blackmailers and deceivers of the population“. CDU-vice chef Julia Klöckner: “the EU is not a wish something for yourself society and let others pay for it“.

Hear, hear.

Editor: if we were German or Dutch tourists, intending to go to Greece later this summer, we would try to cancel the holiday, as Schaeuble, Merkel and Dijsselbloem will be blamed for what comes next. You are sure you want to take the risk of being mugged, beaten up or taken hostage?

[] – Dijsselbloem hoopt op ‘eerlijke’ Griekse politici

Jeroen Dijsselbloem wrote a letter to his own party the PvdA, explaining the events and where he calls for ‘honest Greek politicians’. We have our little suspicion that the OXI-morons Tsipras and Varoufakis don’t quite measure up to the Dijsselbloem’s standards.

[] – Een euro zonder Griekenland is voor iedereen een opsteker

Syp Wynia: a euro without Greece is better for everybody.

Bye, Bye Greece


It’s over. EU, IMF en ECB have enough. Over the last seven years, enormous money transfers were made, boiling down to some 30,000 euro per capita, a large part of which will be gone for ever. Our sympathy this time is with the West for a change and absolutely not with the Greeks, who kept sabotaging every reasonable solution. Now the country is going to fall flat on its face. We feel utter contempt for the so-called ‘elite’, like Tsipras and Varoufakis, although we feel sorry for all the pensioners, who will face a terrible hard time. The Greek population probably by and large doesn’t yet understand what is going to happen, like rationing of imported electricity and the break-down of most government services. The Greeks saw their own leaders on television all the time in the company of the political grands, like Juncker, Merkel and Lagarde and they were confident that they wouldn’t let Greece fall. They were wrong. For seven years Brussels did all it could, now it is over. Enjoy the collapse Greece.

The first European priority should be to ensure that the euro remains stable, send some emergency aid to Greece at best and give them time to reintroduce the Drachma. We tried our best to save Greece, now we should think of ourselves and prevent that other European countries will follow the Greek example by thinking that they can get rid of their national debts for free and thus cause the collapse the entire euro- area in the process. No mercy with Greece.

The good news: the seemingly unstoppable drive to keep expanding the EU has now been stopped. Turkey and Ukraine don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to become EU member.

It is likely that when the full truth starts to dawn on the Greeks, their former heroes Tsipras and Varoufakis will not survive very long. We bet on a return of the colonels to prevent a possible civil war between the left and right.

Message to the Greeks


The graph shows the timeline of Dutch public debt over the past century in % GDP. Greece now has ca. 175% GDP public debt. The Dutch had 230% in 1945, right after the war and against a much lower income level than the Greeks have today. It took the Dutch more than a full decade of the deepest kind of austerity to recover from that and reduce that debt to the manageable level of 80%.

Holland 1950

The reality of post-war Holland: 6 days working week, no social security, no pensions, men worked until 65 and died on time at 68. Often meat only once a week. No holidays, no television, no nothing, a library subscription perhaps. And every now and then a cup of tea with a Mariakaakje, that was the only ‘luxury’:

Come to think of it, considering the ornaments on the cookie, perhaps Golden Dawn voters could even appreciate this modest affordable Dutch delicacy from the fifties.

The story goes that in 1947, the new American colonial masters of the Netherlands arrived in The Hague to verify that their Marshall aid was well spend. And they concluded that that was indeed the case after they were offered a Mariakaakje. Austerity was clearly a fact in Holland.

In 1955 optimism returned to the Netherlands, the worst was over.

Europe has committed itself to keep the Greeks afloat to the tune of hundreds of billions of euro. If Europe would grant the Greeks a debt relief, other countries would soon follow and the entire European financial edifice would collapse. Kiss your pension goodbye. Not going to happen. The measures imposed on you by the troika is the best you can hope for and there is no escape from that. You could of course refuse to pay, but then you will be pushed out of the euro and the debt load will remain in place. Until you pay back you will be put in quarantine. There is no escape for Greece from austerity for the coming 5-10 years, other than becoming a Russian satellite, a bit like what Albania was before 1989. After that you’ll be free again (to commit new follies). Good luck.

Let Greece Pay With Oil

Greece has “at least” $600 billion worth of gas and oil reserves beneath its territorial waters, according to a new study presented to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras within the last few months. Reuters has also confirmed the story. Well then, that could lead to a perfect solution for Greece’s debt woes… why not exchange a large chunk of the debt Greece has with its northern European partners in exchange for oil concessions? Everybody happy. Greek pride is restored as it is able to pay off its debt after all and northern Europe can finally concentrate in teaching the Greeks how to pay taxes, if Greece really wants to become a serious European nation. Currently Greece has ca. $400 billion debt. Why not write off half of it in exchange for Aegean oil and gas. Everybody happy. Letting Greece get away with a default is no option as it creates a very bad precedent for other debtor nations and finally the entire financial system.


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