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Hungary Presses for Construction of South Stream


Hungary and its president Orban are moving ever closer to Russian president Putin. Hungarian parliament has adopted a law that foresees in a rapid construction of the South-Stream pipeline, circumventing notorious unreliable gas deliveries via black hole Ukraine. Through its actions, Hungary is ignoring EU policies (read: policies of the US State Department) of blocking South-Stream construction. The Hungarian government is of course entirely correct: why should the Hungarian population suffer and freeze, just because a few beta males in Brussels don’t have enough spine and resist Washington predators? Although we are not exactly a fan of Victoria Nuland, she was entirely correct when she diagnosed: “F*ck the EU”. The EU represents American, not European interests, so ignore the cowards from Brussels, who refuse/are unable to provide leadership. Later we will reconstruct Europe on a new Gaullist basis, a Europe of the Fatherlands, rather then the neo-USSR and water carrier of the US, we are stuck with now.

[] – Ungarns Parlament beschleunigt South-Stream-Bau

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