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Today’s Renewable Energy Headlines

[twitter] Amsterdam 1953. No.Ugly.Cars.

[] – Finland Sheds More Light on Major Offshore Wind Project

Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus plans to have the Korsnäs offshore wind farm up and running as early as 2028. Metsähallitus, which is currently in the process of selecting a partner to jointly develop the project, said that the wind farm, located some 15 kilometres off the coast of the municipality of Korsnäs, will have a minimum capacity of 1,400 MW.

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Samsung and MAN into Building Ammonia-Powered Ships

Shipping is a major source of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (2.2% globally) and hence a candidate for urgent decarbonisation. Alternatives: hydrogen or ammonia (NH3). Samsung and MAN are combining forces to build a prototype engine by 2024.

[] – Alliance to build ammonia-fueled tanker
[] – Shipping players look to cut carbon emissions with vessel powered by ammonia


New Samsung Lithium-Metal Battery

(From left) Yuichi Aihara, Principal Engineer from SRJ, Yong-Gun Lee, Principal Researcher and Dongmin Im, Master from SAIT

Samsung has presented a new study, highlighting it’s next generation lithium metal solid state battery, that will deliver a higher energy density that the traditional lithium-ion batteries and more safety, as liquid electrolytes have become superfluous. The breakthrough is a silver-carbon anode coating, that suppresses anode dendrites growth. New energy density: 900Wh/L.

[] – Samsung Presents Groundbreaking All-Solid-State Battery Technology to ‘Nature Energy’
[] – High-energy long-cycling all-solid-state lithium metal batteries enabled by silver–carbon composite anodes

Buildings Covered With Solar Panels


The Copenhagen International School for Nordhavn is covered with 12,000 solar panels, which is sufficient to provide 50% of the buildings electricity needs.

Now Korean researchers have announced a breakthrough with capturing solar energy via semi-transparent windows.

[] – Opaque To Transparent Solar Photovoltaics — Have Koreans Identified The Ideal Tech To Transform Windows Into Solar Power Producers?
[] – Neutral-Colored Transparent Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

Flexible Low-Cost Solar Power by Kolon Industries

[] – Kolon Industries

2018 Hyundai NEXO Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

[] – The Top Gear car review: Hyundai Nexo
[] – Hyundai Nexo

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Shell Introduces Cardissa Floating Gas Station

Cardissa tanker vessel

In a global trend of the world’s 50,000 largest ships moving away from relatively dirty fuel oil towards LNG, Royal Dutch Shell has introduced the South-Korean built Cardissa, a vessel able to refuel ships at sea with LNG and as such provide more flexibility. The future of LNG in shipping looks bright since the global acceptance of the Paris Accords. Heavy fuel oil is one of the dirties fuels around, due to its sulfur content.

[] – LNG Emerging as Marine Fuel
[] – LNG fuel and the shipping sector
[] – Shell’s first LNG bunkering vessel on way to Europe
[] – Cardissa
[] – Cardissa

LG 365 Watt Solar Panel

LG Efficiency breakthrough 21.1% resulting in a 365 Watt panel or 26% more power than the regular 290 Watt panels of the same size (1686 x 1016 x 40 mm / 66.38 x 40 x 1.57 inch).

Power output warranty:

First 5 years : 95%
After 5th year : 0.4% annual degradation
25 years : 87.0%

[] – LG NeON R LG365Q1C-A5 365W Solar Panel
[] – LG introduces 365-W solar panel to residential market
[] – LG Corporation

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