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Fire in the Gulf of Mexico

Iconic pictures from the Gulf of Mexico and bad publicity for fossil fuel. Nice additional argument to leave fossil fuel before it leaves us.

Large Lithium Deposits in Sonora, Mexico

Good news for the renewable energy transition. Large Lithium deposits found in Sonora province, Mexico. In fact, the largest in the world.

Lithium deposits, world-wide:

Location Size (Mt)
Sonora, Mexico 244
Thacker Pass, Nevada, USA 179
Wodgina, West-Australia 152
Pilgangoora, West-Australia 108
Earl Grey, West-Australia 94
Greenbushes, West-Australia 86
Whabouchi, Quebec, Canada 37
Altura, West-Australia 34
Goulamina, Mali, Africa 31
Arcadia, Zimbabwe, Africa 27

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Lithium carbonate, 99.5% Li2CO3 min, battery grade, spot price cif China, Japan & Korea, $/kg (midpoint)

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Mexico’s Solar Revolution


Mexico’s current electricity demand is about 62GW, but is forcasted to grow to 110 GW by 2024. Renewable energy is supposed to make the difference. The good news is that there is a lot of sun in Mexico, up to 10 kwh/m2/day, see irradiation map. New legislation is intended to break down state monopoly in energy matters. Energy prices are high in Mexico and rise on average 8-10% year, leading to solar grid parity in some places, meaning that solar energy is going to be used, not for ‘idealistic reasons’, supported by government incentives, but to save money. Although electricity for private households is heavily subsidized, it hardly is for businesses. This means that renewables are going to be introduced via the latter. Already wind is big in Mexico (global #24). Mexico wants to increase wind electricity generation by 600% by 2022. Solar is next. Planned are 6 GW by 2020.

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