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Europe, August 1939

German news reports about German refugees coming from Poland.

For those who think this is German propaganda, watch this:

[British newsreel August 1939] – short British video clip, talks about German refugees in the hundreds of thousands, ruthlessly persecuted.

Europe 1914, ethnic map. Note how relatively small the landlocked area is occupied by majority ethnic Poles and note that the Germans inhabit the entire southern Baltic coast.

Versailles Poland 1933. The ethnic distribution was more or less the same as in 1914, but the Allies had created the boundaries of the new Polish state such that many Germans were forced to live in a hostile new environment. After all WW1 had been masterminded by Britain to downsize Germany, after it had become a threat to British supremacy, that had lasted throughout the entire 19th century. Eastern Prussia is cut off from Germany proper to deliberately create extra difficulties for the Germans. Danzig, for 97% ethnic German and although administered by the League of Nations, is part of Poland.

After Germany in 1939 has succeeded in reacquiring all the German territories taken from them in Versailles (Saar. Rheinland, Sudetenland, Memel, Austria [*]), after a war that was forced upon them by Britain, with Russia and France as side-kicks, there is one remaining item on the German todo list: get Danzig back and acquire the right to connect Eastern Prussia with Germany proper via an Autobahn as well as a railway line and put an end to Polish harassment of German traffic through Poland.

The demands were reasonable, but the Poles refuse to cooperate, not in the least because the Americans get involved, which is almost always bad news. They apply pressure on the British and French governments to guarantee the present boundaries in Europe and Poland and on March 31, 1939, the British and French agree to sign the fateful Polish war guarantee. From then on, the Poles abandon all restraint, secretly encouraged by the Americans, who smell their chance to create a war in Europe, with themselves eventually involved. After all, the Americans own almost a third of the world’s production capacity, but are still a geopolitical backwater, a situation the Americans desperately want to change, at the cost of Europe. The Americans tell the Poles that they can do what they want, because the Allies will support the Poles through thick and thin, which is precisely what the Poles want to hear.

[*] Austria was never part of Germany, but Austria had requested to become part of Germany itself in Versailles. But since WW1 was fought to downsize Germany, not to enlarge it, the Austrian request was rejected. There is no doubt that the majority of the Austrians did accept the Anschluss in 1938, despite the US propaganda to the contrary, like in the Sound of Music.

The Polish war guarantee emerges shortly after March 16, 1939, when Hitler makes his big mistake and invades the rest of Czechoslovakia, with the justification that the country threatens to descend into chaos after the secession
Czechoslovakia was an artificial country, created by the Allies, not by the Czechs or Slovaks and not a single shot was fired by the ‘Czechoslovaks’ All the territory had always belonged to

The Germans, not exactly the world’s greatest diplomats

Kisielice-Poland Independent From Grid

Over the past few years Kisielice (or Freystadt as it was known in former West-Prussia) has undertaken determined steps to become independent from the national electricity grid. And succeeded. Most electricity comes from 52 wind turbines, total capacity 94,5MW. Furthermore a central heating network was built around a 6 MW biomass boiler plant, fueled by locally harvested straw. Kisielice is still an early bird in Poland, which still uses coal for 90% of its electricity generation, but as the saying goes: “once one, come all“”.


Fracking Hell – Poland

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