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Towards the End of Open Air Farming?

The current drought in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, followed by drastic measures to reduce water consumption, underline that open air farming could slowly become a thing of the past. The production of 1 kg tomatoes in open air farming requires 200 liter water. In a closed-system hydroponics greenhouse, that consumption is reduced to 12 liters. At this low level, even desalinated seawater can be considered as a source, as this project in Australia has proven. An additional advantage is that production can take place all year around.

[] – Drought emergency declared in northern Italy
[deepresource] – Growing Crops in the Australian Desert with Seawater

70 MW Floating Solar in Portugal

Operational: 2025
License period: 15 years
Location: southern Alqueva dam, the largest artificial lake in Western Europe
License cost: EDPR will pay €4.13/MWh to the owners of the grid ($4.50/MWh)

The entire project will encompass, apart from floating solar, also wind and storage.

[] – EDPR awarded with grid connection in floating solar auction in Portugal
[Google Maps] – Alqueva
[] – Portugal’s floating solar energy auction sets world record negative price

Green Hydrogen of €2.87/kg Coming up in Portugal

A group including some of Europe’s biggest energy players aims to demonstrate highly efficient and flexible green hydrogen production on an “unprecedented scale” with the deployment of a 100MW electrolyser in Portugal.

Led by local renewables champion EDPR, the GreenH2Atlantic project in Sines also includes Vestas, Engie and Martifer, as well as Portuguese oil & gas group Galp in an effort to hit a levelised cost of hydrogen of €2.87/kg ($3.24/kg) – a level that would make green H2 significantly more competitive in the market than previously… The partners said they hope to start construction in 2023, with operations beginning in 2025 subject to permitting.

[] – EDPR, Engie and Vestas join ‘unprecedented’ green hydrogen plan in Portugal
[] – Developing a 100 MW hydrogen production hub in Sines, Portugal
[] – Engie: Developing a 100 MW Hydrogen Production Hub in Sines, Portugal
[] – 100MW green hydrogen production project set to support the creation of a hydrogen valley in Sines, Portugal
[deepresource] – Portugal and the Netherlands Plan 1 GW Hydrogen Plant

Sodium Borohydride as a Fuel for the Future

Recent overview article about NaBH4 as a hydrogen-source.

In a time of unprecedented change in environmental, geopolitical and socio-economic world affairs, the search for new energy materials has become a topic of great relevance. Sodium borohydride, NaBH4, seems to be a promising fuel in the context of the future hydrogen economy. NaBH4 belongs to a class of materials with the highest gravimetric hydrogen densities, which has been discovered in the 1940s by Schlesinger and Brown. In the present paper, the most relevant issues concerning the use of NaBH4 are examined. Its basic properties are summarised and its synthesis methods are described. The general processes of NaBH4 oxidation, hydrolysis, and monitoring are reviewed. A comprehensive bibliometric analysis of the NaBH4 publications in the energy field opens the discussion for current perspectives and future outlook of NaBH4 as an efficient energy/hydrogen carrier. Despite the observed exponential increase in the research on NaBH4 it is clear that further efforts are still necessary for achieving significant overchanges.

[] – Sodium borohydride as a fuel for the future

Portugal and the Netherlands Plan 1 GW Hydrogen Plant

Sines, the location in the South where the plant will be built

Portugal and the Netherlands intend to build a 1 GW hydrogen production plant, with renewable electricity as input. Portugal recently attracted solar park contractors with prices as low as 1.47 euro cent/kWh, a (temporary) world record. Portugal has almost 4 times lower populations density and twice as good solar conditions as compared to the Netherlands. Expect the Dutch to be interested to buy Portuguese hydrogen.

Production method: electrolysis
Solar input: 1 GW
Investment volume: ca. €5B
Price tag electrolyser: €600M
Production date: 2023
Location: port of Sines

Interested parties: Dutch government, EDP-Energias de Portugal, oil group Galp Energia and others.

[] – Portugal negotiates with Netherlands mega hydrogen plant in Sines
[] – Portugal en Nederland plannen grote waterstoffabriek (11-2019)
[] – Portugal Plans New Hydrogen Plant for “Green” Future
[] – Portugese en Nederlandse overheid en bedrijfsleven steken miljarden in waterstof keten
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[] – Gesprekken in Brussel over Portugees-Nederlandse waterstoffabriek

[] – Winners, projects, prices of Portugal’s record PV auction (8-2019)

WindFloat Atlantic Floating Offshore Wind Park Operational

3 floating wind structures, equipped with 8.4 MW Vestas turbinbes, have been connected to the grid, 20 km out of the coast of Viana do Castelo, North-Portugal.

[] – EDP reports first WindFloat Atlantic wind turbine connected to grid
[] – First WindFloat Atlantic Turbine Sets Sail
[] – Floating wind turbine
[Google Maps] – Location

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