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1.42 Eurocent/kWh – New Record Low Solar Electricity


The consortium consisting of French Total and Japanese Marubeni have offered to build for Qatar General Electricity and Water Corp an 800 MW solar park for 1.423ct/kWh. The spectacular price decay can be seen here:

In merely 5 years time, prices of electricity from solar parks in the desert came down with a factor of 4.

Now pray for a similar price erosion in storage technology and the victory of renewable energy is secured.

[] – Record goedkoopste zonnestroom naar Qatar: 1,42 eurocent/kWh

Global LNG Trade 2016

Australia replaced Qatar as the largest exporter.

[] – Natural Gas 2017 – overview
[] – Global LNG trade continued to increase in 2016, with Australia replacing Qatar as largest LNG supplier to OECD Asia

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