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The Karoo Is Next

Shell promoting shale gas fracking coming to South-Africa. Estimated reserves: 485 trillion cf, that is 1/3 of the size of the South-Pars gas field, by far the largest in the world.



South Africa To Invest $5.4B In Renewable Energy

Capacity: 1,400 MW of electricity.
Investment volume: $5.4 billion.
First part program encompass 28 wind and solar projects.
Operational date: between 2014 and 2016.
Current dependency on coal for electricity: 85%
Total installed capacity: 41,000 MW.

Another 19 projects are selected for phase two of the program.
Phase one + two: 3,725 MW renewable energy until 2016.
Another 3,200 MW planned until 2020.

Next to this more than 9,000 MW of new electricity produced from coal, gas, regional hydro and co-generation at industrial plants by 2025.
Other plans include a tender for 9,600 MW worth of nuclear power.


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