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Storing Solar Energy for 18 Years

Chalmers university in Sweden has been working on solar energy storage for quite some time and made headlines with a system that can store solar energy for many years (MOST – Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage Systems). Now they report a breakthrough of how to use that stored energy:

…the researchers have succeeded in getting the system to produce electricity by connecting it to a thermoelectric generator. Though still in its early stages, the concept developed at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg could pave the way for self-charging electronics that use stored solar energy on demand.

“This is a radically new way of generating electricity from solar energy. It means that we can use solar energy to produce electricity regardless of weather, time of day, season, or geographical location,” explains research leader Kasper Moth-Poulsen, Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers.

[] – Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists
[] – Thermoelectric generator (Seebeck generator)
[] – MOST project site
[] – Molecular Solar Thermal energy storage systems (MOST)
[deepresource] – Storing Solar Heat for Decades

Jetson Aero E-Copter

Speed 100 kmh, duration 20 minutes, no pilot license required, weight 86 kg, pay-load 95 kg max, price 80.000 Euro.

[] – Strom-Helikopter für jeden vorbestellbar: Pilotenschein? Nicht nötig!

Ørsted Into Green Methanol for Shipping

Offshore wind developer Ørsted of Denmark and Swedish green ammonia company Liquid Wind are teaming up to integrate the wind business of Ørsted with the ammonia production of Liquid Wind and apply the resulting produce into clean shipping.

[] – Liquid Wind partners with Ørsted to produce green electro-fuel in large-scale eMethanol project in Sweden
[] – Ørsted joins Liquid Wind on FlagshipONE e-methanol project
[] – Orsted takes big stake in pioneering e-methanol plant to turn shipping greener
[] – Liquid Wind corporate site

Ørsted Eyes 27MW Offshore Wind Turbines

[source] In 2020, Danish wind developer Ørsted installed offshore wind turbine #1500, with a size of 8 MW. The company is just getting started.

Ørsted is involved in preparing the installation of the 1.5GW Skåne Havsvindpark and has announced it is investigating the realization of 27 MW turbines, with a 320m rotor diameter and rotor tip heights of 385m. This would be double the size of state-of-the-art turbines today. Estimated operational date: 2029.

The Baltic Sea region has the potential for more than 90 GW of offshore wind power, with Sweden accounting for 20 GW of that, Ørsted said.

[] – Ørsted takes step toward Swedish 1.5GW offshore farm
[] – Ørsted Pushes Ahead with Large Wind Farm Project Offshore Sweden

A Look at the Energy Storage Solutions

CNBC – With renewable energy production on the up, the need for dependable energy storage solutions has never been greater. Recently, new technologies have driven that storage to new levels of efficiency but the future of renewable energy depends on whether or not they take off.

Iberdrola in €2.3B, 1 GW Green Hydrogen Deal for Steel

Iberdrola takes another step towards decarbonisation. Iberdrola and H2 Green Steel have signed an agreement to build a green hydrogen plant with an installed capacity of 1,000 MW and an estimated investment of 2.3 billion euros. The new plant will power with clean fuel a direct steel reduction furnace with a capacity to produce around 2 million tonnes per year of pure green steel, with a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The site will be located on the Iberian Peninsula, where several possible locations are currently being considered, with the intention of production starting in 2025 or 2026. All locations that H2 Green Steel and Iberdrola are evaluating will have access to renewable energy, as well as all the infrastructure necessary to operate a successful hydrogen, green steel business.

[] – Iberdrola and H2 Green Steel sign €2.3B green hydrogen deal
[] – Accelerating the decarbonization of steel production

This kind of news repeats itself on a near daily basis. This is the result of Europe having a coherent, invasive, all-encompassing renewable energy strategy, that has the potential to catapult Europe back to the top of the geopolitical pecking order, where it belongs, based on its enormous cultural, scientific and technological heritage, not to mention its more than 4 centuries planetary dominance 1492-1939, as a set of 5-6 competing mid-sized nations, an experience that is still buried deep in its DNA. The European Right (Lega, AfD, National Rally) needs to bury its petty, backward nationalism and understand the potential for a European renaissance, centered around the energy, decarbonization and ecology cluster, as well as the Samuel Huntington model for a multi-polar world, that is going to replace George Soros his One World Open Society program, that is killing the US and implies its immanent Balkanization.

The new German government is ready to transform the EU into the United States of Europe (USE):

[] – Die Ampelkoalitionäre träumen von den «Vereinigten Staaten von Europa»

No need to resist this, it is coming anyway, as somebody needs to prevent a Chinese-owned planet, after China will have replaced the US as the next #1 country, probably later this decade, possibly after hostile exchanges in the South China Sea over Taiwan.

Both France and Germany need to jump over their own shadow and strike a grand deal: the Europeanisation of the Force de Frappe against collectivization of debt.

[parisberlinmoscow] – What Comes After the Three Anglo Empires?
[parisberlinmoscow] – The United Statelets of Europe
[parisberlinmoscow] – Alfred McCoy Predicts the U.S. Empire will Collapse
[parisberlinmoscow] – AUKUS is the Countdown towards the End of Anglo-Australia
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[parisberlinmoscow] – The EU needs to help France and take over Submarine Deal from Australia

Vattenfall Offers High-Temperature Heat Pump


Next year, Vattenfall will bring a new ‘plug-and-play’ high-temperature heat pump onto the market, that is suitable for older homes, eliminating the need to replace conventional radiators with an expensive floor heating. ‘Plug-and-play’ meaning: gas heater out, electric heat pump in. Temperatures: 70-90 C, power 6 kW base, 11 kW peak. The project is a joint-venture between Swedish Vattenfall, Dutch installer Feenstra, German hybrid heating manufacturer SOLVIS and the Japanese DENSO components and heat pump company. The hope is that over the entire season, a COP-value of 3 can be achieved.

The real advantage is that very high investments can be postponed. Vattenfall estimates that 2.8 million Dutch homes (out of 7 million in total) are suitable for this natural gas-free space heating solution. Another advantage is that the solution is available NOW, rather than having to wait for district heating or hydrogen. The medium in the thermodynamic cycle is CO2. The heat pump is rather bulky to accommodate a large water buffer, with stratified storage. The strategy is to slowly heat the storage during the day. When the inhabitants come home in the evening, the house can be warmed rapidly.

The heat pump is the result of 3 years R&D between Vattenfall and Feenstra and implemented in 20 test homes in Heemskerk. The winter of 2020-2021 had fairly cold days, but no complaints were registered.

[] – Vattenfall komt met warmtepomp voor oude woningen
[] – Van het aardgas af zonder ingrijpende verbouwing
[] – Bestaande woningbouw eenvoudig aardgasvrij
[] – Plug and play-warmtepomp voor ‘moeilijke’ huizen productierijp

Volvo e-Trucks – A total Solution for Electric Transport

A little uncompensated promotion for Volvo e-trucks.

[] – Electric trucks

Vestas Invests in Crane for 200m+ Onshore Installations

Keyword: “Salamander Quick Lift”. One is reminded of the Lagerwey-technology, that also uses the wind tower as part of the crane. Wind tower installation minimalism in action.

[] – Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas invests in Swedish crane technology for 200 metre-plus lifting
[] – S&L Access Systems with Stena AB as Majority Shareholder Partners up with Vestas
[deepresource] – Lagerwey – Installing a Wind Mill Without External Crane

UK Considering Highway Overhead Powerlines

Overhead power lines for trucks on the A5, south of Frankfurt.

Lorries powered by overhead electric cables could run on Britain’s motorways as part of a push to ‘decarbonise’ road freight. A trial scheme has been proposed for a 12-mile stretch of the M180 near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, which would receive £2million of government funding and could be operational by 2024.

Highway overhead power lines make perfect sense, not in the least because there will be no NIMBYs around, to protest against these stealth power lines, a major problem, especially in Germany. Also, from an energy efficiency point of view, this is excellent. Sending electricity from wind turbines or solar panels directly towards e-engines, can happen almost without losses. Trucks merely need small batteries to bridge the distance between warehouse and highway; no need for massive amount of charging stations either. All it takes is the electrification of the existing national highway system

[] – The truck that thinks it’s a tram! Lorries could run on overhead power lines motorways in latest green bid to ‘decarbonise’ road freight
[] – Electric road
[] – Trolleytruck
[] – Im Oberleitungs-Lkw über die A1: Erstaunlich unspektakulär
[] – Elektro-Highway im Vollbetrieb

Another example in Germany: the A1, north of Hamburg.

Example in Sweden. In all cases mentioned, Siemens plays a major part.

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