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Storage Breakthrough – $100/kWh has been achieved

Cheap storage to counter the intermittent supply of renewable electricity is the missing link en route towards the desired renewable energy base of the future, but that problem could now have been solved. Technology has developed so rapidly in recent years that cost of electricity storage has been brought down from $1000 to $100 per kWh.

City College NY has improved an old concept of mangandioxide-zinc batteries. Result: 6000 charge-cycles for less than $100/kwh.
Price storage of a single kWh: 1.67 dollar cent or say 8 cent per day per 5 kWh/day household. Peanuts.
Can also be used for cars: 40 kWh battery for $4000. Bye-bye gasoline.

Mangan-Oxid is abundant and non-toxic.
This NYC startup is going to produce the batteries first:


[] – Sustainable, high energy density battery created
[] – Regenerable Cu-intercalated MnO2 layered cathode for highly cyclable energy dense batteries
[] – Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery
[] – Power dense zinc-manganese power unit as cheap as a car battery
[] – Manganese
[] – Zinc
[] – Batterijdoorbraak: magische grens van 100 dollar is geslecht

Charles Hall on EROI

Talk Princeton 2016.

Hall comes from ecology and that’s where he minted the concept of energy return on invest. It was first applied to fish and fish migration patterns. Hall discovered that my moving around at the energy cost of 1 calorie, the fish gained 5 calories (salmon eating plankton). Life in general has to engage in energy investments. Next Hall applied EROI on humans. Hunter/gatherers need to walk/run to find food, nuts and animals. Fire enhanced EROI since it made cooking of food possible, which was more abundant and easier to acquire than animals. Next step agriculture allowed for food storage, yielding in EROI in the range of 10-50, enabling leisure, resulting in socializing, like story telling. Next step fossil fuel exploitation. Secret: you want more wealth? Use more energy. During Hall’s lifetime, energy use per capita, as well as wealth increased by a factor of 7. Next graph that shows the % of GDP spent on energy, with a sharp decline after 1850 (application of coal). In the 1990s that % went up again. Hall states that EROI of most of our fuels is declining as they are depleting. Hall acknowledges the importance of technology and that technology is in competition with depletion. Hall refers to his book about (low) EROI of solar with Pietro. Pietro today is even more pessimistic about EROI of PV-solar than before. Refers to the reality of peak (conventional) oil. Decline EROI of Norwegian North Sea oil from 1:40 to 1:20. Patterns applies to everywhere else. Net energy cliff.Offshore wind has EROI of 52. Shows picture with peak fossil (all included) at 2045. Familiar pyramid of cultural achievements as related to EROI.For arts you are supposed to need 14:1 (a ridiculous notion, the highest art was created before the fossil fuel age). Hall has extremely little hope for renewable energy and suggests that by 3000, humans will be hunters-gatherers again. Hall nevertheless says it is wise that we move the renewables. Hall downplays importance climate change a little and that the EROI discussion-implications are more important for society.

[cassandralegacy] – Charlie Hall speaks about EROI (and many other things)

Plundering Appalachia

How Powerful Is Big Oil?

[] – How Powerful Is Big Oil?

Breakthrough Battery Technology: $65/kWh


US researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a liquid metal battery that could fulfil that role. Such a battery would lower the overall costs of energy storage, and have the advantages that they are mechanically simple and don’t take up much space… Indeed, the team’s experiments with this novel storage system carried out at 450°C displayed a current density of 275mA/cm2, with a cycling efficiency of 98% on charging and 73% ‘round-trip’ energy efficiency… The team’s experiments completely charging and discharging their battery over 450 cycles over 75 days suggests that the battery will still have 85% of its initial storage capacity after 10 years active service… The team adds that at today’s prices, the electrode materials costs are approximately $65/kWh.

Editor: is this is true and no serious (environmental) disadvantages come with this technology, this could mean the final breakthrough for wind and solar.

[] – Molten metal batteries set to store grid power

[deepresource] – Tesla Storage for $350/kWh
[deepresource] – 160$/kwh Storage in 2016
[deepresource] – Storage For Less Than $100/kWh

Utility Scale Solar for 5 cent/kWh


An upbeat report from a stakeholder: utility solar in the US is doing fine and reaching grid parity, if one includes tax incentives, scheduled to last until 2021. But reduced tax benefits maybe compensated by continued price decline of large scale solar installations. Several large utility scale PV power stations came online this year, such as the 550-megawatt (MW) Topaz Solar plant in San Luis Obispo County, California and the 550MW Desert Sunlight plant in Desert Center, California.

The first reported contract for solar power under five cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) occurred in 2014: Austin Energy’s 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with SunEdison for 150 MW of solar power. The trend continued in 2015, when Nevada Energy secured a 4.6 cent per kWh PPA with SunPower.

Editor: articles like this explain why we have lost interest a little in energy problems, because the initial fear, which prompted us to start this blog nearly four years ago, namely a world running out of energy fast, has been pushed to the background and replaced with worries about the state of the economy and international finance, the destabilizing refugee crises and the threat of war.

Personally, it costed merely 3000 euro to have a solar installation on the roof that will annually produce almost twice as much electricity as needed for the next 25-30 years.

Now that utility solar has reached grid parity, the only remaining energy related problem is storage, to overcome daily and most important seasonal demand and supply fluctuations. Potential solutions: pumped hydro and perhaps fuel production from electricity. But there is little doubt that a 100% renewable energy base is feasible within a few decades.

[] – A Sunny Future for Utility-Scale Solar

No Peak Car Yet


Predicting is easy, being right a different matter altogether. Many voices said that peak car was in 2008, coinciding with the Lehman crash. Apparently, a somewhat recovering economy and more important collapsed fuel prices, growing population as well as more fuel efficient cars, have made that Americans are driving more miles than ever before.

[] – Why driving in the US is making a big comeback

Der Spiegel Proposes to Let VW Go Bust


Der Spiegel represents US and not German interests and as such is the enemy within, a Trojan Horse. In a latest move to undermine the economic strength of Germany, the neo-bolsheviks from Hamburg propose that the German government should let the flagship of the German economy Volkswagen go bust and found a new state-run company that should concentrate on e-mobility.

It is likely that parasitic US laywers, governments and what not, will exploit the occasion to do as much damage as possible to their German competitor and will treat the hapless company as an undefended German town in 1944 by night. Predictably the readers comments section begs to disagree.

But the future of VW doesn’t look very good indeed.

[] – Keine Rettung: Lasst VW pleitegehen – und helft den Arbeitnehmern

E-Raw & Juicer Retro Design E-Bikes

[] – Elektro-Zweirad-Studien: Die große Freiheit
[] – e-raw electric moto



Texas Solar Tower Go Ahead?

What we love about the project are the video and music, but that’s about it.

Last year we reported about an Australian company promoting the design of a solar downdraft wind tower and expressed our skepticism regarding the energy efficiency of the project:

[deepresource] – Solar Downdraft Wind Tower Planned in Arizona

To our amazement, Environmission reported that Texas agreed to invest 1 million $ in the undertaking.

[] – Texas Solar Tower Development Agreement US$ Banked

Furthermore, India seems to be interested as well:

[] – EnviroMission Reports Progress On The First Solar Chimney In India

[] – Solar updraft tower

Epic Californian Drought Latest

balls-in-lakeBalls against water evaporation

[] – Los Angeles dumps 20K ‘shade balls’ into reservoir to stop evaporation

New 320 MW Solar Project in Utah

[source] There’s a lot of space and sun in Utah

320 MW AC (420MW DC) distributed over 4 locations of 80 MW each. Rocky Mountain Power will buy the output.

The project is now under construction and fully financed with an expected commercial operation date of mid-2016.

[] – Four Brothers to be largest solar development in Utah
[] – SunEdison to Partner With Dominion on 420W Four Brothers Solar Project

Landkarte_Amerika_USA_Utah[source] US state Utah

Off The Grid

2012 Dutch documentary. Alexander Oey traveled throughout the United States and filmed communities who are taking matters into their own hands. 50 of the 46 U.S. states are nearly bankrupt. Over 13 million Americans are unemployed. More than 49 million people live below the poverty line.

How was it able to come that far? People seek for their own Utopia outside the financial system and government. Are these communities the right path and solution? Has they found effective alternatives, while governments worldwide are heading to bankruptcy?

BMW Technology Applied to Bicycles

[] – Heisenberg XF1 Electric Bike Utilizes BMW i Patent

Not BMW, but an illustration of how fast an e-bike really can go.

100 kmh. With these kind of speeds, who needs a car for average commuting distances?

William Bullitt, the Architect of World War 2

William-BullittWilliam C. Bullitt, crypto-communist and driving force behind the US diplomatic recognition of the human slaughterhouse USSR as a first act of government of the Roosevelt administration. US ambassador to Moscow between 1933 and 1936 and US ambassador to Paris between 1936 and 1940. Right-hand man and confidant of Roosevelt. The Victorya Nuland of the thirties.

The history you were taught in school and promoted by the media and Hollywood until today is plain wrong and serves the interests of the US financial oligarchy only. The official story is that the notoriously noble allies, such as the US, USSR, Britain + empire, France + empire, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Holland, Belgium single-handedly, without help from outside and all by themselves (albeit outnumbering the Germans 6:1, a detail really) defeated evil Germany. End good, all good.

The reality was that by 1933, the US and USSR were resp. economy #1 (US a staggering 29% global GDP) and #2 (USSR 13% global GDP). The world in 1939 was nevertheless still dominated by the European empires of Britain, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, a state of affairs that had emerged since the Europeans began to explore the planet in grand style since 1400:

World_1914_empires_colonies_territoryEuropean empires 1914

But the emerging globalist powers US and USSR were determined to change that situation and take the place of Europe. And the only way to achieve that was war.

The political incorrect truth is that by the beginning of the 20th century, both the US and Russia had been taken over by a tribe of which William Bullitt was a prominent member. Landmark events: 1913, founding of the Federal Reserve in America and ‘Russian’ revolution of 1917 (confirmation by Vladimir Putin).

Key pillars of their political power were: Wall Street in the US (it still is) and the Marxist ideology in the USSR. And the tribe was determined to conquer the world using an alliance between “ZOG-USA” and “ZOG-USSR”. Target: Europe.

And that opportunity arose in 1933, when lefty Roosevelt and his entourage of Stalin lovers, including our William Bullitt, got hold of the presidential office. And what was the first thing the Roosevelt government did?

As Soviet ambassador Litvonov says in the video of what the aim is: “real friendship and peaceful cooperation between the two largest republics in the world”. That did not include peaceful cooperation with other countries, certainly not those countries which defended themselves most vigorously against communism: Germany and Italy. Litvonov and Bullitt, both shown in the video and members of the same ethnic group, were the key figures in linking the emerging globalist powers USA and USSR together to prepare for the largest slaughter in history: WW2. The European world was to be destroyed to pave the way for the rule of their ethnic group.

Who was William Bullitt?


[] – Reading Eagle, December 14, 1941

So Bullitt already sympathized with killing field USSR from the early days of the revolution, hardening accusations by European right-wingers (like Hitler) that there never had been a ‘Russian’ revolution, but that in reality the Soviet government had been run by the tribe during the first two decades after the revolution.

US ambassador William Bullitt arrives in Moscow after he crafted the US diplomatic recognition of the USSR.

Which was precisely the rationale behind the deportations: to prevent that Europe would suffer the same fate as Russia had suffered, where millions and millions perished under communism before the war and and a fate that possibly America could suffer in the near future, if the European mother civilization doesn’t intervene and liberates its somewhat problematic son and troublemaker America.

William Christian Bullitt. This is how an unbearably arrogant pr**k looks like. Despite his name, there is nothing Christian about him. He will advocate the Gulag, the bombing of every German city, making up horror stories in Nuremberg, just as long his tribe will get a hold of power. Killing JFK, flying planes into buildings on 9/11, plotting for war against Iraq, Libya, Syria, the overthrow of dozens of regimes, like the one in Kiev and likely the downing of MH17… nothing is too crazy for these people and their unbroken will for power.

[] – William Christian Bullitt, Jr.


Chamberlain accuses ‘world Jews’ of having pushed Britain into war with Germany, a war he would have liked to prevent. What was the key element in bringing war about in Europe? The British and French (empty) ‘guarantee’ for Poland. Once that guarantee was in place, early 1939 under American pressure, all the American diplomats needed to do to destroy and conquer Europe was to encourage useful idiot Poland to not give in to any reasonable German demands, like giving back the German town of Danzig to Germany. The Polish government felt emboldened by the (empty) promises of support by the Americans, French and British and began to persecute the Germans, forced to live in Versailles-Poland, with the aim to cleanse Poland from Germans and conquer Eastern Prussia. In 1945 the Poles would finally achieve their criminal aim, backed by the Alllies, and ethnically cleansed 14 millions of Germans from lands that had been German for centuries, an operation were millions got killed. The situation in Western Poland in 1939 was almost identical to the one in Ukraine-2014, where a Russian minority got targeted by the Ukrainian majority, after a western backed nationalist violent coup in Kiev, again emboldened by (empty verbal) support from the Americans, who merely like to use the Ukraine to foment conflict between the West and Russia.

Who are these ‘world Jews’ Chamberlain was talking about? We will elaborate on that later when we discuss Winston Churchill, but one of the most prominent was no doubt William Bullitt.

[source] Bullitt and daughter, he had with a Louise Bryant, a hardcore USSR groupie and feminist (goes hand in hand). Birds of a feather flock together. Bullitt divorced her when he found out she preferred a woman over him.

On 25 April 1939, four months before the outbreak of war, Bullitt called American newspaper columnist Karl von Wiegand, chief European correspondent of the International News Service, to the U.S. embassy in Paris and told him:


From: The War Around us by Wolfgang Peter May [google]

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

War in Europe has been decided upon.

That was four months before the Germans invaded Poland to come to the aid of their beleaguered countrymen, forced to live in Versailles-Poland.

[BBC news reel] – British report about the German refugee crisis

‘Hundreds of thousand’ German refugees arrived from Poland in Germany proper in August 1939, which prompted the invasion of the Germans. In 1945, 14 million Germans would be expelled from their homes by the Poles, who finally managed to carry out the ethnic-cleansing program they already intended to carry out in 1939, emboldened as they felt by the Americans, British and French. Today, Ukrainians try to do the same thing in Donbass and throw out Russians, which Russian covert support could prevent. Vladimir Putin knows history very well and so far managed to avoid giving the US a pretext to escalate the conflict.

And this was how the Americans perceived how they could manage to get the war started: over Poland:

Poland has the assurance of the support of Britain and France, and will yield to no demands from Germany. America will be in the war soon after Britain and France enter it.

Decided upon by who?

Answer: Roosevelt, Stalin and paid British traitor (albeit with American mother) Winston Churchill.

Stalin? Yes, we already know that from the revelations of Finnish author Erkki Hautamaki:

[deepresource] – Greece Wants WW2 Reparations From Germany

Hautamaki learned from the Mannerheim Files that war had been decided upon in April 1939, exactly as Bullitt had hinted to von Wiegand.

But it can be easily deducted as well that the Soviets were in on the scheme to destroy Europe, using Poland (and Britain and France) as useful idiots. How? By realizing that the Soviets were not punished for taking the eastern half of Poland, three weeks after the Germans invaded from the West. Poland was never the issue, the country was gladly handed over to the loving care of Stalin after the war. Poland was used by the US and USSR to get the war started, a war they alone desired to greatly expand their spheres of influence. Obviously they could not admit that openly afterwards, so they set up their little Stalinist show trial in Nuremberg to distort the truth, the one we are still stuck with today.

So why this famous Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression agreement of August 1939? Viktor Suvorov had it exactly right: Stalin knew that Hitler needed to act in Poland, to help the Germans living there and save them from ethnic cleansing and persecution by the Poles. Stalin offered the illusion to Hitler that he had at least his back free in the East and could avoid a two-front war. It was a lie and a trap. Stalin wanted to get the war started as well. He wanted Hitler to walk into the trap, the Americans and Soviets had designed for the Europeans. When Bullitt hinted to Wiegand in April 1939 that ‘war had been decided upon’, he meant to say: decided by the US, USSR and the war party in Britain (Churchill, Cooper, Eden, Halifax, Vansittard and many others, but not the royals, not Chamberlain and obviously not the British population nor the American population, who for 80% were isolationalist).

[deepresource] – The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov

But the American elite had different plans…

They knew precisely about the comparative strength of the parties involved and that an alliance with the USSR could catapult the US into planetary pole position and that prospect was too tempting. Half a year before Roosevelt managed the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, the US elite began to mentally prepare its population for the war:

[deepresource] – The American Century

The Americans and Soviets succeeded in their aim to destroy Europe and divide the loot between them. Meanwhile Russia got rid of communism, as well as the US parachuted oligarchs after 1991, thanks to Vladimir Putin. No wonder the Anglos hate him, because he managed to escape from the NWO and succeeded to build an alliance with China, India, Pakistan, Brasil, Iran and perhaps Turkey, that is strong enough to withstand the Anglo lead western assault against Eurasia.

Now it is continental European payback time in the spirit of the French general Charles de Gaulle and his vision of Europe of the Fatherlands (“Paris-Berlin-Moscow”). History will return to the US like a boomerang. What the US and USSR did to Europe between 1939-1945, can Greater Europe and China do to America, using again secret diplomacy. No, we are not going to bomb every American city; after all we Europeans are not Americans. Besides, the poor black folk currently living in these cities wouldn’t know by which truck they were hit.

No, it is much smarter to let the Straussian US leadership work for European interest for a change and continue to promote mass immigration, inevitably bringing US society to a breaking point (some of the smarter Americans already understand that mass immigration no longer serves the interest of the US elite). In parallel, remove the dollar from all economic transactions in Eurasia (China, Russia and India are working on that as we speak), reducing the economic and financial leverage of Washington and increase ethnic tensions in the US. And quietly hint to China that Europe won’t defend Australia, giving China the opportunity to double its territory on the cheap, provided it will confront the US in the South China sea, just like America gave Eastern Europe to Stalin in 1945.

What Europe should wait for is the US equivalent of Slaviansk/Ukraine-2014: a European-American insurgency, we Europeans should support and reverse 1776 and as such offer a substantial part of Euro-America to live European rather than third world lives. Within a European framework or ‘culture circle’, economically, culturally and technological dominated by Paris-Berlin-Moscow. The alternative is the Gulag on American soil. Take your pick, Euro-America.


Read more…

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Range: 200 miles on a single charge
Cost: $37,500 (or $30,000 after tax breaks)

Editor: very expensive and the electricity needed to drive them doesn’t grow on trees, but in practice will be generated by fossil fuel in conventional power stations for many years to come, not by wind and solar.

Driving a car costs 1 kWh per 5 km. That amount of energy is enough to power a desktop computer + screen for an entire 8 hour working day. In Holland for instance, the average car commuting distance is something like 22 km or 44 km to and fro (9 kWh). In other words, if office workers would work from home, using their internet connection and Skype for communication and meetings, they would save a huge amount of energy and the need for car ownership would evaporate. Irregular car use could be satisfied using community or rented cars.

[] – GM’s 200-Mile Range Chevrolet Bolt EV Prototypes Hit The Road, Target Tesla Model III

fiat-panda-gasFor Europeans it makes much more sense to drive a Fiat Panda on natural gas as your last privately owned car. Range on natural gas is also 200 miles (300 km), but you can fall back on petrol (additional range 700 km), if you can’t find a natural gas station. Cost: 13,500 euro; that’s about half the cost of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Fuel cost is very low: 1 euro/kg (= 25 km). And with CO2 emission of 29g/km even cleaner than a ‘clean’ e-vehicle, that outsources pollution to the power station.

[] – Fiat Panda (aardgas)
[] – Why CNG?

But why are we still muddling on with this outdated concept of a 5-seater sedan if the average occupation rate is 1.25 passengers?!

Nasa Climate Study Warns of Unprecedented North American Drought

[] – Nasa climate study warns of unprecedented North American drought

Thin Film Solar Efficiency Record 18.6%

Thin_Film_Flexible_Solar_PV_Installation_2Thin film solar cells are flexible

The record was accomplished by US company First Solar. In general, thin film solar cells are less efficient, but cheaper, certainly if you integrate thin film solar in the roof of new houses.

In 2013 thin-film technologies accounted for about 9% of worldwide deployment, while 91% was held by crystalline silicon

thinfilmForecast of Thin Film Solar Cell Production and Market Share (2006~2015). Date: 2011

[] – First Solar Sets New Conversion Efficiency World Record Of 18.6% For Thin-Film Solar Module
[] – Thin film solar cell

US Shale Output Shrinking


It comes now from the US Energy Information Agency, and is headlined by Bloomberg Business, so yes, it’s official. As Bloomberg put it, “US Shale Boom Grinds to a Halt.” Which, actually, is overstating the case by a good bit, there isn’t going to be a “halt.” Nevertheless, as sane people everywhere have been insisting for years, the shale boom is, as it always was going to be, a bust.

Editor: this is it folks, global peak oil is knocking on the door. We do expect oil prices to substantially rise again, somewhere between now and the end of next year.

[] – It’s Official: The Shale-Oil Boom is Over

Halliburton fracking job in the Bakken (Wikipedia)

Moving 12-Month Total Vehicle Miles Traveled USA


Talk about ‘recovery’ is not completely unsubstantiated.

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