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Industrial Wood Pellet Sector

The global trade in wood pellets is growing. Importers are mainly the forest-poor (prosperous) countries. With 177 kg/inhabitant, NL was the second largest importer in 2021. The leading importer of wood pellets is DK, where they are used as feedstock for heat networks.

[] – Martien Visser

15% Renewable Share Dutch Primary Energy Q1-2022

NL verbruikte in Q1 2022 bijna 15% hernieuwbare energie.
Over de diverse bronnen kunnen we discussieren, maar zo is nu eenmaal de internationale definitie. Dus ook de houtskool op uw barbecue telt mee; evenals de bedorven krop sla in uw grijze afvalbak

[] – Martien Visser

Country Ranking Solar Panel Production

In the light of the recent electrolysis breakthroughs and the price of solar electricity in the desert of about 1 cent/kWh, it is likely that solar will take the largest share of global renewable electricity generation and that wind will have a larger share only in those places with relatively little sun and lots of wind, like Europe.

And once again, it is obvious that the Chinese manufacturing strength will give that country enormous geopolitical leverage. And with the current insane NATO-Russia standoff underway, China merely needs to lean back and wait for the white fools to finish each other off. It is high time for some larger European country to find some courage and withdraw from brain-dead NATO. Italy? France? Germany?

[] – Distribution of solar photovoltaic module production worldwide in 2020, by country
[deepresource] – World Record Low Solar Energy Cost $0.0104/kWh
[deepresource] – More Solar Price Erosion – Abu Dhabi 2 GW, 1.24 Eurocent/kWh

Natural Gas Prices in the Netherlands Exploding

And elsewhere too.

[] – Energiemarkt slaat op hol, huishoudens dreigen in de knel te raken

This against a backdrop of rising international tensions.

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Dutch Natural Gas Reserves

Dutch gas reserves are already higher than the post-winter minimums of the three previous years and the coming two weeks the weather will be fairly good, offering more opportunity to add to the reserves. Nevertheless, reserves could deplete before the winter is over, and the Dutch government could be forced to pump up from its Slochteren well, against earlier intentions.

[] – Martien Visser

The German government is preparing its population against the possibility of a blackout. Remedy: tea lights and a daughter’s African friend.

Financial Yield Solar Energy

Fossil fuel prices are skyrocketing, which has an upward effect on prices for solar electricity as well. Good moment to invest in renewable energy under those circumstances.

[] – Martien Visser

Price Coal Skyrockets

Price nearly triples in a matter of 12 months.

Not so good for the economy, very good for the energy transition.

[] – Corné van Zeijl

Lazard – Renewable Energy Cheapest by Far

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This does NOT include renewable electricity storage cost.

[] – Levelized Cost of Energy and Levelized Cost of Storage – 2020
[] – Wind & Solar Are Cheaper Than Everything, Lazard Reports

Renewable Share Dutch Electricity Production

Solar and wind in 2020 represent 20% share total electricity production. In 2019 it was 15%, in 2018 12%.

In 2030 it will be 70%, if national climate accord targets will be met.

[] – Martien Visser grafiek van de dag

Between 2010-17 a Windier World Brought 17% Extra Wind Power

Study carried out by Princeton and published in Nature, and based on data from 1,400 weather stations in North-America, Europe and Asia. One cause is temperature and increased pressure.

[] – A reversal in global terrestrial stilling and its implications for wind energy production
[] – The world is getting windier and it could mean a big boost for alternative energy

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