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New Moroccan Desalination Plant Under Construction

Morocco is set to commence the construction of the world’s largest sea water desalination plant in 2021, at the Southern Coastal City of Agadir. The US$301m Douira Sea Water Desalination plant is expected to have a treatment capacity of 75 million m3/year. Abengoa, a Spanish company has been chosen by the Moroccan National Electricity and Drinking water Office (ONEE) to construct this new desalination plant.

The intent is to run the plant on renewable electricity, offering yet another buffering opportunity for intermittent renewable electricity, as water can be easily stored.

Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Electricity cost rev. osm.: 3-10 kWh/m3
Production capacity: 275,000 m3/day, to be increased towards 450,000 m3/day

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