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Renewables Surpass Fossil Fuel in Europe’s Electricity

A significant milestone has been reached in Europe, where the share of renewables has overtaken that of fossil fuel in electricity generation. Fossil fuel fell to 37%, renewables rose from 34.6% in 2019 to 38.2% in 2020. Covid-19 no doubt was a great help.

[] – The European Power Sector in 2020

RES – Energy Transition in the Netherlands Until 2030

RES introductory video (English)

The energy transition is going to happen for real in the Netherlands. Targets for 2030:

49 TWh offshore wind
35 TWh onshore wind (ca. 2100 turbines)
220 km2 solar parks (0.5% total area country)

The tiny Netherlands and its landscape are going to change drastically. Popular resistance is expected to be considerable.

[] – RES, official government project site

The Netherlands is divided into 30 energy provinces. Indicated is the amount of allocated renewable energy

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