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25 GW Offshore Wind for Scotland


Spectacular offshore wind breakthrough in Scotland. The original target was 10 GW, but the auction resulted in almost 25 GW worth of new capacity, all around Scotland, with a large share for floating wind. 17 bids have been selected from a grand total of 74. The Scottish treasury gained £700 million from this exercise, which in 2022 can be called modest.


The Godfather of Wind’s New Floating Revolution

Bloomberg – Earth’s electricity needs could be met 11 times over if we filled our oceans with wind turbines. The problem is they’re too expensive to build in deep water. Could floating technology change that? Presented by Sabic.

Henrik Stiesdal and others on the potential of floating wind. The North Sea is the global birth chamber of offshore wind, but the situation there is fairly unique, and most other areas can’t be used for monopile-based wind turbines. But there is a work-around for that: floating wind, offering almost boundless amounts of affordable electricity and hydrogen.

[deepresource] – TetraSpar Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

SBM Wants to Participate in 2 GW Floating Offshore Wind

SBM Offshore is a Dutch company, specialized in servicing the offshore oil business. If there is one company well-placed to open up for new offshore business opportunities, it would be SBM Offshore. The company has just expressed its wish to participate in 2 GW floating offshore wind, around the globe.

A traditional oil service company expanding its business into renewable energy, is the best possible sign that the renewable energy transition is working. It also is an enormous boost for floating wind, implying that offshore wind is going global, after so far being confined to the shallow waters of the North Sea.

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What SBM Offshore does for a living.

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