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Fuel Cells for a Fraction of the Cost of Platinum


Again we are confirmed in our intuition that fuel cells, not 400 kg batteries, are the way forward for electro-mobility. New research from the University of California, Riverside suggests that the expensive catalyst platinum can be avoided and replaced by an inexpensive polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC).

The catalyst developed at UCR is made of porous carbon nanofibers embedded with a compound made from a relatively abundant metal such as cobalt, which is more than 100 times less expensive than platinum. The research was led by David Kisailus, the Winston Chung Endowed Professor in Energy Innovation in UCR’s Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering

[] – Making fuel cells for a fraction of the cost
[] – Making fuel cells for a fraction of the cost
[] – Electrocatalytic N‐Doped Graphitic Nanofiber – Metal/Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Composites
[] – Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell

PEM Fuel Cell – How it Works

Methanol Fuel Cell

Most people associate fuel cells with hydrogen. But there are several hydrocarbon fuels for fuel cells as well, including diesel, methanol and chemical hydrides.

[] – Fuel cell
[] – Direct methanol fuel cell
[deepresource] – The Methanol Economy With George Olah

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Future of E-Vehicles: Battery or Fuel Cell?

The world’s elites seem to agree that e-vehicles are the future. The remaining question is: what will power them? Batteries or fuel cells. Or put differently: will hydrogen be included in the energy conversion scheme? Trillions of euros/dollars are at stake here.

The video claims that batteries have won. It is however possible to find support for either point of view, see links below.

Comment: our tentative conclusion would be that fuel cells will win because of the storage aspect of hydrogen. After all, the renewable generated electricity will need to be stored somewhere anyway. Why not in hydrogen that can be directly used in cars?

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[] – Majority of automotive execs still believe battery-powered cars will fail and fuel cells are the future
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Fuel Cells in Shipping

German language video

Global shipping is a major polluter. Efforts are underway to eliminate the use of oil fuel. A replacement candidate is hydrogen-based fuel cells. Hydrogen produced with renewable electricity is converted into electricity, that drives and elektro-motor and propeller.

[] – e4ships – fuel cells in marine applications
[] – Brennstoffzelle und Schiffe: Sauber auf See

Fuel Cells

[] – Fuel cell
[] – Hydrogen Europe (industry association)
[] – Hydrogen Energy

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Cars Fueled By Hydrogen In Scandinavia After 2014

Organisations from Scandinavia and Asian car manufacturers have signed a memorandum of understanding to set up an infrastructure based on hydrogen in combination with producing cars with a fuel cell by 2015. Car manufacturers: Toyota, Hyundai, Honda & Nissan. Hydrogen providers: HyOP AS and H2 Logic A/S. Mode of operation: fuel cell.


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