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This site not just follows events in the sphere of geopolitics and energy, but also openly promotes a Gaullist political model for Europe: Europe of the Fatherlands or Paris-Berlin-Moscow, that should replace the West after the end of American era. The West needs to be abolished and replaced by the North…


…that is a civilization with continental Europe as its political center of gravity plus middle-American territories and large parts of Canada.

Oh, and it is also the model for the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

As a consequence we reject the US aspirations of a global empire (“NWO”) under the leadership of Washington, because it would mean the end of European civilization and favor a multi-polar world instead. Once you have set your political goals, as a next step you need to identify the enemy, that is those who support the NWO, that is the Western media. One of the most sophisticated Western media outlets is the German der Spiegel. The idea is to regularly add pointers to articles with short comments, to expose the agenda of der Spiegel and the Western media in general. Der Spiegel is the vanguard of the next attempt to erect a new globalist=communist system, now centered around Washington instead of Moscow.

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[Die Frau, die Lenin einen Korb gab] 06-05-2015
The best way to show that der Spiegel is a communist newspaper is by verifying the way they treat the life of Vladimir Lenin: not a peep of criticism. Lenin was the leader of the most murderous political system that ever existed on the face of this earth, but that’s something that our self-styled humanism champ der Spiegel wants to ignore. After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg, now can you? Thank God, Russia is meanwhile liberated from the communist scourge and can be accepted as a great European nation, exactly as what Charles de Gaulle proposed. But now the US could be next on the target list of the global terrorists, supported by der Spiegel and the rest of the western press.

[Proteste gegen Polizei-Willk├╝r] 29-04-2015
Der Spiegel tries to sell the looting orgy in Baltimore as ‘protests against police brutality’

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The Economist feels peaky

Every now and then a glimps of the impending resource desaster makes it through the fog into the rooms of the editors of main stream media. To be fair to those people, they have to provide their readers with news, preferable with good news and peak-oil definitely falls not into that category. Let’s not judge these media types too hard though and be thankful for every little crumb of truth bread being fed to us. The Economist, a periodical almost as old as the venerable British Empire now defunct (are Scotland and Wales still part of it?), after Britain made Europe safe for communism and insisted that Poland should be owned by Stalin rather than Hitler (who never wanted it for keeps anyway), today opines that maybe, just maybe “supply is inadequate to keep up with rising demand“. Now how about that! Read more…

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