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Germany, US Strike Nord Stream 2 Compromise Deal

This is more of a victory for Germany (and Russia) than a compromise deal, but Deutsche Welle no doubt wants to be diplomatic. This enhances the energy security of Germany and Europe, avoids a very expensive write-off of nearly finished pipe-line infrastructure, improves European-Russian relations, and hopefully prevents Russia being pushed into Chinese arms completely. It is also a clear sign of diminishing US influence in European affairs. As neo-Gaullists, promoting the geopolitical Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis, as well as the intended “Euro-Anglo seniority swap” in the near future, where the European Mother Civilization will have “1945” rolled-back and get the upper-hand over Anglosphere, this pipeline is exactly what is desired.

[] – Merkels Triumph
[] – Dieser Deal ist ein Triumph für Putin
[] – Macron warns Europe: NATO is becoming brain-dead
[] – Lord Heseltine suggests Brexit vote allows Germany to win WW2
[] – China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade
[] – Gerhard Schroeder podcast: China – Deutschlands starker Partner

Nord Stream II Completed by the End of August

Nord Stream announced that the 2nd and last stretch of the North Stream II sub sea pipeline will be completed by the end of August and used for fuel transport later this year.

[] – Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to be completed in August – project coordinator

Keystone XL Pipeline Project Cancelled


After a decade-long battle, environmentalists, as well as the Biden-presidency, finally prevailed and the Canadian developer of the pipeline TC Energy Corp withdrew from the $9B project.

This landmark decision will put the US on the path of the renewable energy transition.

[source] The yellow pipeline will not be built.

[] – Developer officially cancels Keystone XL pipeline project blocked by Biden

75% Germans Want Completion Nord Stream 2

Only 17% demand cancellation, 8% has no opinion.

The poll of May 20 has lost some relevance since the US government decided since to waiver sanctions against the project, and with only 100 km remaining to be built, the pipeline is expected to be completed before the upcoming elections in September, with the (not very strong) possibility that the Greens, who are opposed to the pipeline, could lead a coalition government.

[] – Sanctions against Russia just aren’t working, says French President Macron, calling for dialogue & review of EU’s stance on Moscow

President Macron of France has reiterated his stance that Russia should be seen as part of a European security architecture, the classic Gaullist position (which we support), strongly enabled by Brexit, which enabled us to get rid of the notorious British anti-Europeans on the cheap.

The Greater European geopolitical transition will be required, once China replaces the United States as the new #1, probably before 2030. Combined with the strong possibility that the US will fall apart, like the USSR did in 1991, only Greater Europe will be able to contain China and prevent a Chinese-owned planet.

[Economist June 2020]

Obviously, the Ukraine and Belarus also will be included in the Common European Home. The Ukraine can’t wait and Belarus is about to get rid of the guy who forgot to pack his bags after the collapse of the USSR.

Inclusion of Russia into Greater Europe would mean that Vladimir Putin, the most competent statesman in this still young century, would achieve his life political aim.

[] – Klare Mehrheit für Fertigstellung von Nord Stream 2
[] – Russian EU-ambassador: “no limits to EU-Russian cooperation”
[] – Lord Heseltine suggests Brexit vote allows Germany to win WW2
[] – Common European Home

US Government Seems to Accept North Stream 2

According to media reports, the US government is waiving sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

[] – Biden to waive sanctions on company in charge of Nord Stream 2
[] – Biden verzichtet auf weitere Sanktionen
[] – VS ziet af van sancties tegen bedrijf achter Nord Stream 2

The pipeline will likely be completed before the long arm of the US deep state, the German Green Party, gets a chance to torpedo the project, in order to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia. This party is keen on reigniting the Cold War against Russia:

[] – “Mit Dialog und Härte” (“With dialog and hardness”) April 24, 2021.

Armin Laschet, in contrast, is known by the German and as such US Stadtholder media as “Putin-Versteher”. Like Macron, he wants to improve relations with Russia:

[] – Was die Putin-Versteher in Deutschland antreibt

Laschet was critical about the US-sponsored Syrian civil war:

[] – Laschet critical of John Kerry, unheard of in German circumstances.

Armin Laschet is basically a CDU-Schroeder, the former German chancellor, who once remarked that the only thing he liked about the US is Elvis. Not that Laschet wants to break with the US, far from it, nor should he. It is just that he refuses to see in Putin-Russia an enemy. That’s good enough in the current circumstances.

For the rest, we keep our fingers crossed that the solid European Armin Laschet will become the next chancellor of Germany, in a coalition with the SPD and FDP. These people are more than green enough to see through the renewable energy transition. No need for woke Greens, whose open borders policies will only provoke the populist AfD to grow and threaten the energy transition and undermine the EU.

Saudi Green Hydrogen Pipe Dreams

Abu Dhabi 2 GW, 1.24 Eurocent/kWh solar power plant. Electricity is already dirt cheap, “too cheap to meter”. The largest cost factor is amortization of the required electrolyzers to transform the supply of solar electricity intro hydrogen.

Saudi-Arabia wants to build a green-hydrogen pipeline to Europe.

Based on the fact that it is not possible to generate a cheaper kWh than with photo-voltaic solar in the desert (currently 1.24 cent/kWh), Saudi plans to become a major hydrogen deliverer to Europe are entirely realistic. Not sure about that pipeline though. Which route, pray tell? Alternatively, hydrogen could be transported by ship or converted into a storage form that is easier to handle.

However, the idea to produce cheap hydrogen in the desert, should be promoted. It is the cornerstone of the German hydrogen strategy, to concentrate on producing electrolyzer equipment and leave the production of hydrogen to those countries that can produce hydrogen in the cheapest way. Note that a solar panel generates roughly twice as much electricity in the desert as in NW-Europe, so why bother littering over-populated countries like Germany and the Netherlands with solar panels and onshore wind, if somebody else can produce energy much cheaper. For security reasons, the EU should indeed produce a minimum amount itself, but not everything. Additionally, this strategy is perfect to help poor African countries to serious money for the first time, enabling them to buy our products. Win-win. For security reasons, supply of hydrogen should be distributed equally over many producers, not to make yourself vulnerable to boycotts and blackmail.

[] – Saudi Arabia ‘could pipe green hydrogen to Europe to keep leading energy role’
[] – Saudi Arabia offers Europe ‘green’ hydrogen by pipeline
[deepresource] – Germany Embraces the Hydrogen Economy
[deepresource] – German-Moroccan Hydrogen Agreement

Wolfgang Ischinger Proposes Nord Stream 2 Compromise

[] – A Possible Solution to the Nord Stream 2 Conundrum
[] – Wolfgang Ischinger


As long as the pipeline gets completed and major continental European geopolitical facts are created.

Interesting new perspective:

Obviously, state-of-the-art technology has been used and the pipeline can transport up to 80% hydrogen. It is the compressors that would have to be adapted, which means 20% in additional costs.

[] – What if Nord Stream 2 transports hydrogen?

Russia has endless empty landmasses, without NIMBYs, that could have huge wind farms installed that produce hydrogen, that could be pumped into the pipeline, providing a Russian source of revenue for after the end of the oil age, when America will be history and containing China the new challenge of Paris-Berlin-Moscow.

Chinese geopolitical visions of the near future, centered around their New Silk Road project, a closet-anti-Anglo Eurasian overland strategy. The last lines in the sidebar on the left read: “The Iron Silk Road will interlink about 75 per cent of the world’s population in more than 40 countries in Asia and Europe. China hopes to complete its massive infrastructure project within ten years. It will include at least one line running 320 km/hour and will shorten land-transport time between London and Beijing from 15 to only two days – if Europe is willing to connect, that is.” Of course, Europe should be willing as it would terminate the US empire, with Europe returning to world prominence, where it belongs, based on its immense heritage, second to none.

Just sell the pipeline as a weapon against climate change.

The US Backs Off From Nord Stream 2?

Nord Stream 2 pipelines in waiting, Sassnitz, Ruegen, Germany

Signs are that Biden isn’t keen to risk an all-out trade war with the EU over the construction of the controversial pipeline in the Baltic. This is good news for hard-core continental Europeans, like yours faithfully, who always thought that Europe is a little too good to be a US-colony.

While we wholeheartedly support the energy transition, it is illusionary to assume we can do without fossil fuel, not for the foreseeable future. Of all options, fossil or nuclear, natural gas is the least problematic and the Russians have always proven to be a reliable and affordable supplier.

And since we see Russia as a natural future ally of the EU, unlike Brexit-Britain and with the US in a state of unraveling, comparable to the USSR-1988, an EU-Russian alliance will be necessary to contain the next geopolitical #1 country China, enabling continental Europe to crawl from under the shadow of the US empire and even reverse roles between the European Mother Civilization and a former colony, this is very good news, if this news gets confirmed.

The wine will be tasting excellent tonight.

[] – Biden silent on sanctions as Nord Stream 2 speeds ahead
[] – Republicans sound alarm over major U-turn by Biden admin on Russia-to-Europe gas pipeline
[] – Biden-Deal mit Merkel? Plötzlich schweigen die USA zu Nord Stream 2
[] – Nato alliance experiencing brain death, says Macron
[] – Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, “Last Chance”
Schroeder, who once remarked that “the only thing he likes about America is Elvis Presley“, advocates abolishing NATO, an organization that has become obsolete since the demise of the Soviet block.
[] – Lord Heseltine suggests Brexit vote allows Germany to win WW2 (in extra time)
[] – China overtakes US as EU’s biggest trading partner

Neo-Gaullist geopolitics in action. French, German and Russian politicians plotting in Sochi to refuse cooperation with the US and their ill-fated Iraq-safari. Those were the best years in the political life of Vladimir Putin, where he began to dream that Russia could finally be a member of the Common European Home. Those dreams were temporarily dashed by US-drone Merkel, but with the take-over of closet “Putin-VersteherArmin Laschet, perhaps we’ll see a reset in EU-Russian relations, so Europe can finally realize the Gaullist dream of Paris-Berlin-Moscow as the next planetary #1.

Completion North Stream 2 Could Begin Soon


A Russian vessel capable of completing the pipelaying for the Gazprom-led Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project left a German port on Wednesday and entered Danish waters where the last section of the controversial pipeline has yet to be completed.

[] – Russia-led Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Could Be Completed Soon quotes Reuters:

[] – Russian vessel able to complete Nord Stream 2 pipeline departs from German port

However, at the time of writing this post, the Fortuna is indeed no longer moored at Mukran, but is NOT heading for Danish waters, but instead is anchored at the German port of Rostock:

[] – Fortuna position

Although there are clear signs that the US is preparing for anti-European sanctions over the pipeline, there are also signs that Europa feels strong enough to finally escape from the grip of the US empire:

[] – EU prepares response to Nord Stream U.S. sanctions threat

After all, Europa can play the Eurasian card and team up with Russia and China, something both countries have quietly been hinting at for some time. And Brexit is a great help as well to finally decouple from Anglosphere.

[] – China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade
[] – The End of the American Era
[] – ‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’
[] – United States: An Obituary

Russian FM Lavrov Confirms Nord Stream-2 Will be Built

Nord Stream-2 pipes in the harbor of Sassnitz-Germany, waiting to “get laid”. Symbolically, in the background an offshore installation vessel is moored. That vessel represents the future, the pipes the outgoing fossil fuel era.

…obstacles that have slowed the project’s completion, including Germany’s energy regulator declining to grant a waiver of European Union gas directives to the operators of the pipeline this month, would only result in higher gas prices for Europe, the TASS news agency reported.

Position of two Russian pipe-laying vessels, both currently moored near Sassnitz-Ruegen:

[] – Akademik Charskiy
[] – Fortune


Nord Stream 2 – Pipe Layer Akademik Cherskiy in the Baltic

[source] Nord Stream 2 pipes, at Sassnitz, waiting to be installed in the Baltic.

Russian pipe-laying vessel Akademik Cherskiy has arrived in the Baltic in order to complete the missing last ca. 150 km of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Vyborg-Russia and Greifswald-Germany. Most of the work has been done by the Dutch company Allseas, but withdrew itself from the project after the threat of sanctions from the US government, that doesn’t want EU-Russian relations become too cosy.

[] – Nord Stream

US Nord Stream Sanctions Fallout

The president of the “Great Satan”, Trump, has implemented sanctions against the German-Russian Nord Stream pipeline project, entirely in the mold of Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard, in an effort to ensure that Europe and Russia don’t get too cosy with each other. In response the Dutch-Swiss contractor Allseas has withdrawn from the project, with an eye on the numerous ties it has with the US and work in the Gulf of Mexico in particular.

[] – Nord Stream
[] – The Grand Chessboard
[] – Company site
[] – Nord Stream 2 to press on with Europe gas pipe
[] – ‘Interference in domestic affairs’: Germany fumes at US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline
[] – ‘Sanctions just a hiccup’: Nord Stream 2 will be completed, & US knows it but cannot bear the thought – former US diplomat

So, what is going to happen next? Will Germany and Russia just roll over and accept defeat? Of course not! Here is what could be the solution to a minor problem, namely hiring a ship from a country that already is under sanctions, RUSSIA!

[] – FORTUNA, Pipelay Crane VesselPipelay Crane Vessel

The Pipelay vessel Audacia of Allseas, that constructed 1800 km pipeline, with the last 300 km missing.

Denmark Approves Nord Stream II Trajectory over its Territory

Major geopolitical event!

Denmark has given the green light for the Russia-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to pass through its waters. Copenhagen’s delay in granting permission has been the main hurdle to completing the project on time.

Pipeline expected to be operational before the end of this year.

[] – Full stream ahead! Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe
[] – Dänemark erteilt Genehmigung für Nord Stream 2

TurkStream Completed (Nov 2018)

Construction start: May 2017
Completion date: November 2018
Contractor: Dutch company AllSeas B.V. with Pioneering Spirit vessel

Unfortunately this project was second choice for all those who favor good European-Russian relations and would have preferred the construction of South Stream instead, but the Americans managed to arm-twist and intimidate the Bulgarians. In the end of the day however, with weakening US grip on Europe, it is always possible to construct a new leg of say 50 km, directed at Bulgaria.

[] – TurkStream
[] – Pioneering Spirit (ship)
[] – Company site
[] – South Stream
[] – Serbia, Hungary push for the second line of TurkStream

Progress on the Construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

EU Commission Confirms Construction Nordstream II

US President Donald Trump’s criticism of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is not a reason to stop the project, stated European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther Oettinger on December 28. He said that any attempts to prevent the construction will encounter serious opposition as the construction is already underway.

This confirmation of commitment to the project comes after the EU parliament adopted a resolution to halt the construction of the pipeline that is currently underway. It would be a major breach of trust between Russia and Europe, exactly what the Americans hope to achieve.

[] – EU: construction of Nord Stream 2 hard to stop
[] – Nord Stream 2 pipeline row just got dirty
[] – AKK suggests reduced gas flow through Nordstream II
[] – EU Parliament calls for Nord Stream 2 to be stopped
[] – Trittin verteidigt Nord Stream 2
[] – The (German) Politics of Nord Stream 2
[] – Nordstream

The narrator suggests that US lobby groups in Brussels were responsible for the EU parliament resolution to halt Nordstream-2.

Bulgaria Wants to See South Stream Built


Vladimir Putin’s sudden and unilateral decision to drop South Stream has been a major hit for Bulgaria.

Instead of bypassing Ukraine via Bulgaria and bringing Russian gas directly to southeastern Europe, the gas, he said, will be sent to Turkey under a project named Turkish Stream. In his words, Bulgaria had lost an opportunity to earn €400 million in annual gas transit fees and billions in investment.

The general opinion among Bulgarians is that Bulgaria and its people were simply used as the “pawn” in the chess power game of the EU/US vs Russian gas interests…

“We cannot turn the page on South Stream until Russia’s stance is made clear,” insisted Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski referring to the fact that Bulgaria so far hasn’t received an official note from Russia about the cancellation of the pipeline.

Editor: what we do know is that Russia would much prefer building South Stream than Turk Stream, as Europe is hands down the best customer, paying the highest prices. And then there is the issue of shared destiny, something that the US wants to prevent at all cost. Many high-ranking politicians, like Gabriel, Juncker, Schroeder and others have expressed their hope that some day South Stream could be built after all. It is a matter of standing up against the imperial overlord and getting rid of the idiot of Berlin.

[] – A majority of Bulgarians want South Stream to be built
[] – Putin: We haven’t given up the South Stream project (Feb 2015)
[] – Borissov warns of Bulgarian energy ‘catastrophe’
[] – Hungary Opens the Way for South Stream as Orban Defies EU


Eastern Europe Wants to Sabotage New Baltic Pipelines


The North Stream pipeline Vyborg-Greifswald, directly connecting Russia with Germany, is apparently a success, now that the operators (Gazprom, E.ON, Shell, BASF, OMV and ENGIE) of that pipeline want to build a new one next to the existing pipeline. Planned completion date 2019. Reason: switching to gas to reduce CO2 emission. Additionally, the Russian openly admit that they want to circumvent notorious unreliable behavior of Ukraine.

Countries like Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland are not amused and have announced that they will resist the new pipeline. It is easy to understand why, because the new pipeline will make superfluous existing pipelines running though countries with an anti-Russian attitude, most of all Ukraine and Poland and thus deprive these countries from a lucrative source of income. For Ukraine 2 billion $ are at stake. The Baltic states are not directly involved (no pipelines over their territory), but they are afraid that the pro-US block {Ukraine-Poland-Baltic States} could be sidelined by a Russian-German understanding (editor: go for it, Russia/Germany!).

Too bad for the Eastern Europeans, but the economic interests for Germany, France, Holland and Austria are simply too great. The outcome of the struggle between these countries on the one hand and USA and Eastern Europe on the other will determine the energy-future of Europe.

[] – Nord Stream II gerät unter Beschuss

Sino-Myanmar Pipelines

china-pipelines[source]Sino-Burma pipelines refers to planned oil and natural gas pipelines linking Burma’s deep-water port of Kyaukphyu (Sittwe) in the Bay of Bengal with Kunming in Yunnan province of China. The Myanmar section of the gas pipeline was completed on 12 June 2013 and gas started to flow to China on 21 October 2013. The oil pipeline was completed in Aug, 2014. The oil pipeline will have a capacity of 12 million tonnes of crude oil per year. The gas pipeline will allow delivery of natural gas from Burma’s offshore fields to China with an expected annual capacity of up to 12 bcm of natural gas.

On the 29th of January, China opened, with little fanfare, a new oil link through Myanmar… This 2,400km long pipeline runs through some of the most rugged areas on the planet, marked by jagged hills and ridges and dense jungle… The new route however, has one invaluable advantage in eyes of Chinese leaders: it bypasses the Malacca straits, whose infamous waters are infested with pirates… The pipeline shortens the distance the oil will have to travel by sea to reach China by 700 miles. It also cuts by 30% the time this liquid black gold will take to get to the Middle Kingdom… Avoiding the Malacca detour had the other, even more invaluable advantage in the eyes of the Chinese leadership. With 80% of all imported hydrocarbons to China going through the Malacca sea-route, China is vulnerable to having its overseas energy supplies blockaded by the American 6th Fleet during a Sino-U.S. geopolitical crisis… Another even bigger behemoth project is now in the works, a railway line is being discussed, which will follow the route taken by the pipelines. This project has a price tag of $20 billion dollars and would allow China to more easily import Burma’s precious wood and all sorts of other commodities, while also facilitating the flow of Chinese workers to the coast.

china-burmaThe new pipelines circumvent the 805 km narrow passage of the Straits of Malacca.

[] – Sino-Myanmar pipelines

[] – With Oil And Gas Pipelines, China Takes A Shortcut Through Myanmar

Turkish Stream Postponed Indefinately


The gas pipe-line project Turkish Stream, proposed on the 1st December 2014 by President Vladimir Putin and accepted by his Turkish opposite number, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has been suspended indefinitely.

Turkish sources indicate that the suspension may be the result of a disagreement about the amount of the tariff reductions awarded by Russia.

Excellent news! Opens up new possibilities for Bulgaria to rise to European prominence by defying Brussels and their US overlords and build South-Stream regardless.

[] – The Turkish Stream project is suspended


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