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Realtime Data

This post is going to be used to collect sources of real-time online data of interest to this blog. This blogpost will be updated regularly.

Goldprice in euro
Exchange rates (dollar-euro default)

Real-time oilprices
eex (European Energy Exchange, trading in electric energy, natural gas, CO2 emission allowances and coal)
Prices for Dutch electricity

Electricity prices in the developed world

Prices in US$ cent/kwh and include taxes. Electricity in Denmark for example costs seven times the amount in Spain.

Most interesting, though, is that the there’s very little correlation between the fuel that a country uses for power and electric rates. Australia, like the United States, is heavily coal-based. Portugal gets a huge amount of power from wind and solar. Spain famously has invested heavily in solar power. Canada uses primarily hydropower. France, with rates about twice those of the United States, uses nuclear power.


It remains to be seen how accurate the data is. Here are figures from [eurostat] (in euro cent) and figures are vastly different.

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