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Plan Energietransitie Gemeente Eindhoven

All Dutch municipalities need to produce a proposal before the end of 2021, about how they think to get rid of natural gas before 2050 (“transitievisie warmte”). Here is the result for the city of Eindhoven, of direct interest for yours faithfully (yellow area = heat net 50-70 C, based on electricity, so likely a collective heat pump).

[] – Hoe stookt de Eindhovenaar straks zijn woning warm? Een eerste heel voorzichtig antwoord van de gemeente
[] – Transitievisie warmte

Paris’ Grand Plan to Become Europe’s Greenest City

Japanese Consortium to Build Electric Bunker Ship

Operational date: 2022
Consortium: Mitsui, Asahi Tanker and Mitsubishi
Cargo: 500 ton
Battery: 3.5 MWh
Power: 600 kW
Operational time: 6 hours, full load

[] – e5 Project
[] – 7 Japanese companies form e5 Consortium
[] – ‘e5 Consortium’ Established to Promote Zero-Emission Electric Vessel

The Netherlands 42% Renewable Electricity during Week 30


Top 15 Solar & Wind Countries in 2020

All European, plus Uruguay, Australia and Chile.
Absolute champ Denmark with 61%.
30 more years to complete the transition.

[] – The top 15 wind and solar power countries in 2020

Share Renewable Energy vs Population Density

The production of renewable energy requires a relatively large amount of space and the energy consumption of a country is partly determined by the number of inhabitants. Quite logical, then, the relationship in the EU between the percentage of renewable energy and the population density.

[] – Martien Visser

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