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Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe – Hannover Messe 2019

TenneT & Gasunie Infrastructure Outlook 2050 Animation

The Early Adopters of Electric Cars

[] – Electric car use by country

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Global Pumped Hydro Atlas

Scientists have identified 530,000 sites worldwide suitable for pumped-hydro energy storage, capable of storing more than enough energy to power the entire planet…

None of the potential sites are located inside national parks or urban areas, and each one has the potential capacity to hold 2-150 GWh of energy…

The scientists say sites like the ones they’ve identified can operate at maximum power for between 5 and 25 hours…

“Pumped hydro accounts for 97 percent of energy storage worldwide, has a typical lifetime of 50 years and is the lowest cost large-scale energy-storage technology available.”

[] – Huge Global Study Just Smashed One of The Last Major Arguments Against Renewables
[] – Global pumped hydro atlas, project site

[deepresource] – World-Record Pumped-Hydro Storage for Scotland?
[deepresource] – Overview Pumped Hydro Facilities in Europe
[deepresource] – Pumped Hydro Storage for Flatlanders
[deepresource] – Pumped Hydro Storage in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany
[deepresource] – Doggerbank Pumped Hydropower Storage
[deepresource] – Unconventional Pumped Hydro Storage

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles


Let’s be honest, even as supporters of the energy transition we have to admit that solar panels mounted to a roof do not exactly increase the aesthetics of the entire building. It’s much better to have the solar and roof function merged into one. That’s where Tesla solar roof tiles come in. Downside of the good looks, expect a price tag ca. twice as high for solar panels produced in China with the same electricity production. Tesla produces its tiles in New York.

[] – Everything You Need To Know About Version 3 Of Tesla’s New Solarglass Roof Tiles

12MW Haliade Nacelle Underway to the Netherlands

Total height: 260 m
Rotor diameter: 220 m
Commercial rollout: 2021

The first exemplar of the 12 MW French-made wind turbine GE-Haliade has been shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands for testing. Once installed it will look like this:

Gordian Raacke – It Can Be Done 100% Renewable Energy

This talk is a wonderful global perspective on climate change and the effective actions we can take as individuals to collectively save the planet. Gordian Raacke is executive director of Renewable Energy Long Island, a not-for-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy systems. With a degree in civil engineer and 25-year track record on regional energy issues, Mr. Raacke will portray why and how we must and will transition to a 100% renewable energy supply glocally.

Gordian was a founding member of the Long Island Offshore Wind Initiative established in 2002, helped build the solar market on Long Island, and was trained by Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader. In 2011, he led an initiative to study a one-hundred percent renewable electricity future for the region. He chaired the Energy Sustainability Committee of the Town of East Hampton and serves on the Town of Southampton Sustainability Committee, helping to formulate and implement community-wide 100% renewable energy goals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Energie-eiland in de Westerschelde


The vision for the future: a series of energy islands for the coast of the Dutch province of Zeeland. Not pumped-hydro, but chemical salt-water storage, using osmosis, membranes and under water large plastic bags of 4000 m3 each, to store and retrieve renewable electricity. Zeeland needs 3 of these 5 km diameter islands to satisfy its own needs. Total storage capacity 900 GWh, sufficient to bridge 2 weeks. The islands are 100 times smaller than an energy storage-equivalent pumped-hydro storage would be, operating at 10 m height difference.

[] – ZEELAND ADEMT! Energie-eiland in de Westerschelde

Iron Could Replace Precious Metals in Solar Panel Production

Scientist from the university of Lund, Sweden, propose to replace noble metals like ruthenium, osmium and iridium in solar panel production with cheap iron.

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in creating an iron molecule that can function both as a photocatalyst to produce fuel and in solar cells to produce electricity. The results indicate that the iron molecule could replace the more expensive and rarer metals used today.

[] – Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy
[] – Luminescence and reactivity of a charge-transfer excited iron complex with nanosecond lifetime

GDP Timeline

1484 MW Borssele to Become the Largest Windfarm in the World

Currently the Walney Extension wind farm in the Irish Sea of 659 MW is the largest offshore wind park in the world. By 2020 the new Dutch 1482 MW Borssele I-V wind farm will become operational and take over from Walney. Two additional 7 GW wind farms are in the pipeline.

Borssele wind farm, now under construction

[] – Windpark Borssele
[] – Walney Wind Farm
[] – Netherlands Offshore Wind Farm Borssele cheapest world wide
[] – The world’s largest wind farm Walney was just completed
[] – Borssele V, last minute innovation & test site added
[deepresource] – Dutch Energy Figures

Additional Dutch offshore wind farm plans

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Bill Gates with DOE into Mini Molten Salt Reactors


The Energy Department is participating in major push with electric utility Southern and a company founded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to develop small nuclear power reactors that are less expensive and more efficient than their much larger cousins.

“Molten salt reactors are getting a reboot,” the Energy Department tweeted late Wednesday, offering a schematic of a battery-like power plant module that “could power America’s energy.”

Investment volume: 20 + 28 million $.
Prototype expected by 2030.

[] – Energy Department teams up with Bill Gates to move mini-nuclear plants to market
[] – Molten Salt Reactors

The Sudden Death of Peak Oil – 4.5 Trillion Barrels of Oil Left

Google trends – nobody is interested anymore in the topic of “peak oil”

Technology is not just expanding our daily oil production; it also continues to increase the amount of oil and liquid fuels we can count on for the future.

In 1981, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that remaining global recoverable crude and condensate resources were 1 trillion barrels; today, the IEA estimates that it is 4.5 trillion barrels – enough to meet global oil demand beyond the 21st century. By 2040, the amount of resources yet to be produced will still be far higher than total production prior to 2040, even with a 20 percent rise in global oil demand.

Oil reserves according to the IEA and US Geological Survey: 4.5 trillion barrel of recoverable oil left, that would be 27 times the largest oil field in history, Ghawar.

[] – Exxon’s Shocking Supply And Demand Predictions

[] – U.S. Oil Reserves Bigger Than Saudi Arabia’s

Note that the IEA doesn’t state at what price levels these 4.5 trillion barrel can be recovered. Regardless, there is enough oil left to set up a renewable energy base. The challenge is not to find new oil, the challenge is not to use it.

“The Population Bomb Has Been Defused”

Some of the most spectacularly wrong predictions in history have been made by those who claim that overpopulation is going to swamp the planet.

[] -The Population Bomb Has Been Defused

Lithium Mining

[] – Lithium

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EasyJet Believes in Electric Flying

EasyJet says that electric flying could be with us in a decade and for that purpose has begun a partnership with US firm Wright Electric to build a battery-powered plane for two hours flight duration.

[] – EasyJet says it could be flying electric planes within a decade
[] – Your airliner may be flying electric within a decade
[] – EasyJet could be flying battery-powered electric planes within the next 10 years

Industry 4.0

[] – Industry 4.0
[] – Smart manufacturing
[] – Industry 4.0: the fourth industrial revolution
[] – Why Everyone Must Get Ready For The 4th Industrial Revolution
[] – Industrie 4.0 – Das Internet der Dinge

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CO2 per Capita [Tonnes/Year]

Qatar 40
USA 18
Saudi-Arabia 17
Australia 17
Canada 15
Russia 12
Norway 12
Netherlands 11
Japan 9
Germany 9
Denmark 8
UK 8
Italy 7
China 6
France 6
Sweden 6
Switzerland 5
Argentina 4
Turkey 4
Mexico 4
Egypt 3
Brasil 2
India 2
Armenia 1
Pakistan 1
Philippines 1
Nigeria 0


Samsung Doubles Battery Capacity


More substantial progress from the storage front. Samsung has achieved a whopping 1 kWh/kg. This is extremely good news for e-vehicle proponents (cars, bikes), who can double vehicle range without any added weight. We care more about 24 hour home storage cycles in combination with solar panels.

Innovation: new technology that enables Samsung to coat silicon battery cathodes with high crystal graphene. The bad news: no substantial cost reduction yet.

[] – Samsung Almost Doubles Li-Ion Battery Capacity

Solar Set for Global Dominance


Tuesday, June 23 2015

More solar will be added over the next quarter-century than any other form of power-generation, spurred by huge and sustained booms in the utility-scale and distributed PV sectors across both the rich and developing worlds, according to new figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

[] – Solar set for global dominance after $3.7tr investment boom – BNEF


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