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Nate Hagens – ASPO 2012

Nate Hagens, himself ex-Wallstreet, talking about ‘elephants in the room’. Includes financial aspects in his story.

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Energy Transition – ASPO 2012

Moderately upbeat story by UK’s Jeremy Leggett about the possibility of a successfull energy transition. Nice insider information of the ‘Yes minister‘ quality of British politics. Leggett believes in technology. We would like to add that we have no choice but to believe in technological solutions. Leggett worked for big oil and is a trained geologist.

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Shale Gas Perspectives – ASPO 2012

The reference to the IEA report “Are we entering a golden age of gas” is here:

Closely related an article in The Economist:

Robert L. Hirsch – ASPO 2012

Robert L. Hirsch is one of the leading figures in the ‘peak-oil movement’. His prediction: global oil production (conventional + unconventional) will start to decline in 1-4 years.

Shale Gas: European Perspective – ASPO 2012

[Official Youtube channel ASPO 2012]

[] Summary of the ASPO conference in Dutch.

Kjell Aleklett – ASPO 2012

Kjell Aleklett discusses peak oil in historical perspective. Aleklett predicts that in total another 200 billion barrel will be discovered in the future. He also links the current economic crisis in Europe to the energy situation and is convinced Europa will lose 50% of the current level of oil import until 2020. Peak coal production will be ca. 2030. Scepticism regarding global warming: CO2 emission will decline as a consequence of fossil fuel depletion. Core message: time is running out!


[Peeking at Peak Oil]

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