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Wikipedia: BritNed is a high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) submarine power cable between the Isle of Grain in Kent, the United Kingdom; and Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The BritNed interconnection would serve as a vital link for the foreseeable European super grid project.

[] – BritNed
[] – BritNed Development Ltd, Application for EU exemption, 2006
[] – Dutch article abour NorNed and BritNed.

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European Supergrid

Youtube text: Statnett and TenneT are installing the world’s longest submarine high voltage cable between Norway and the Netherlands. This animation gives a short overview about this extraordinary cable project.

[wikipedia] – European Supergrid
[wikipedia] – NorNed. Operational May 2008, length 580 km, budget € 600 million, power 700 MW.
[wikipedia] – BritNed. Operational April 2011, length 260 km, budget € 600 million, power 1000 MW.
[wikipedia] – NorGer. Operational in future, length 570 km, power 1400 MW.

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Norway Wants to Become Europe’s Battery Pack

Because wind and solar energy are inconsistent, energy managers are looking for ways to fill in the gaps when it is dark outside and the air is still. A Norwegian company wants to turn hydroelectric power stations in the north into Europe’s battery packs.


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