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China Explores Thorium Route

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports about developments in China that point at an increased interest the Chinese haven taken in thorium as a means to generate energy. With a startup budget of $350m and 140 PhD scientists to begin with, China is looking for a new generation of thorium reactors that produce far less toxic waste and cannot blow their top like Fukushima. China is leading the pack but Norway and Japan are working on thorium reactors as well. The Americans had projects in the past but shelved these and gave preference to uranium, as they needed the plutonium byproduct to build nuclear bombs. China will probably work with molten salt as a transport medium for heat. A team hopes to realize a 2 MW prototype around 2020 and commercial scale reactors later. Estimated thorium reserves should cover China’s energy needs for 20,000 years. Thorium is not without problems, but the waste is far less toxic. Thorium reactors can even be used to destroy all the radioactive waste that has been piling up from conventional uranium reactors. Plants could be build below the ground, at small sizes. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is convinced.


40 GW China’s New Solar Target for 2015

This is big. Since 2011 China has adjusted its solar target for 2015 with a factor of 8, from 5 to 40 GW. This could help boost their ailing solar industry and push it towards a certain threshold, beyond which benefits of economy of scale could start kicking in. To put things in perspective, here is the situation by the end of 2011:

1. Germany — 24.7 GW
2. Italy — 12.8 GW
3. Japan — 4.9 GW
4. Spain — 4.4 GW
5. USA — 4.4 GW
6. China – 2 GW

It is obvious that most of the renewable action is in Europe, but that China at least intends to try to keep up, where the US seems insistent on poisoning their entire continent with this fracking business.


Russia and China in the US Crosshairs

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
is not just anybody. He was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal as well as Business Week. He knows the American political system from within. Roberts for years has been extremely critical about the machinations of Washington. In a recent article Roberts accuses the US of having orchestrated the civil war in Syria, just like in Libya. Even more serious, Roberts points out that the US are risking confrontation with Russia en China while exercising hegemonistic ambitions. Roberts warns that Washington is putting the planet on the path towards destruction.


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