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141 GW European Offshore Windpower Underway

By the end of 2011, Europe had 99% of the offshore global wind capacity installed. The European Wind Energy Association produced a report titled ‘Wind in our Sails’, with the almost religeous sounding subtitle ‘The coming of Europe’s offshore wind energy industry’. On page 15 we find: “EWEA has identified 141 GW of offshore wind projects in European waters – either operational, under construction, consented, in the consenting phase or proposed by project developers or government proposed development zones. This 141 GW shows tremendous developer interest. With 26 GW already operational, under construction or consented, solid progress has been made towards 40 GW of offshore wind by 2020. Moreover, it provides a good indication that EWEA’s expectation that 150 GW of offshore wind power will be operating by 2030 is both accurate and credible.“. This would amount to covering 14% of the EU’s 2030 electricity demand.

[] – 93 page pdf report

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