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Michael Ruppert on Peak Oil and Collapse

Youtube text: In this Media Mayhem REMIX on YouTube, Collapse-author Michael Ruppert talks about what the downside is looking like for society since the oil wave has already crested–From food and transportation, to alternative methods of extracting energy and the need for new wars.

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Michael Ruppert Interview

Youtube text: Michael Ruppert let’s fly with both barrels as he speaks on Peak Oil, who the media are serving, and the truth behind Pat Tilman and Christopher Dorner. Ruppert’s candor is so strong that it is clear to see why he has been persecuted for his journalism, and he also shows why he is resilient enough to keep on speaking his truth.

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Michael Ruppert & Jerome Corsi – The Peak Oil Debate

Youtube text:Michael Ruppert & Jerome Corsi – The Peak Oil Debate 2006
Host: George Noory — Coast To Coast AM

A Fast Blast poll (01/12/2006, after this show) found 62% siding with Corsi and 38% with Ruppert. Were do you side today in 2011?

Author Jerome Corsi and researcher Michael Rupper debated whether oil is a renewable source produced deep inside the Earth, or a finite resource, which will become scarcer within our lifetime.

Corsi’s position: Oil is not “fossil fuel” but rather an “abiotic” substance that is naturally replenished on a constant basis. The so-called scarcity is a tact taken by the oil companies in order to increase their profits. Various surveys going back to the early 1900’s have all claimed that we were going to run out of oil, but we now have a greater supply than we ever had. Oil companies should lose their tax incentives if they don’t increase their reserves. 

Ruppert’s position: The world is behaving as if the Peak Oil theory were true, and our supplies will begin to dwindle from the amount they are now at. The notion of replenishing abiotic oil is not supported in scientific literature. Further, specific abiotic sites such as Dneiper-Donets basin and the Eugene Island Lot have turned out to be a bust or in decline in terms of supplying oil. People should adjust their lives as if Peak Oil is indeed true, and prepare and plan ahead for that eventuality.

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Prophets Of Doom

Nate Hagens, Michael Ruppert, James Howard Kunstler and others about what is to come.

Michael C. Ruppert – A World in Trouble

Uploaded March 15, 2011

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