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Secret Of The Seven Sisters

Documentary/road-movie from 2011 by Frédéric Tonolli (Armenian origin).

[mirror part 1]
1927 – oil gushed from the soil in Kirkuk
The secret story of oil begins elsewhere, in the Highlands of Scotland, in Achnacarry castle on August 28, 1928.
Henri Deterding,

[mirror part 2]
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Turkish Pipelines


Turkey is a hub between Europe and the Middle East and as such of enormous geopolitical importance. Here an inventory of the pipelines, existing and projected, through Turkey. Pipelines have the potential to make and break alliances and could spark wars. It is likely that the western initiated civil war in Syria has to do with attempts to block the plans of a ‘Shia pipeline‘ from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean, servicing the vast and lucrative European market.

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Where Does Everybody Gets Its Oil From?

USA 2010

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The World According to Harvard

Harvard maintains in a new study that by the end of this decade the world merrily will produce no less than 110 mbd of oil. The sources for this oil are shown here:
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The Worlds Largest Oil, Gas & Coal Producers

Timeseries of oil, gas and coal production data up and including 2011 (oil) and 2010 (gas & coal).

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Oil & Gas Giants

[red=gas green=oil]
The world’s 932 giant oil and gas fields are considered those with 500 million barrels (79,000,000 m3) of ultimately recoverable oil or gas equivalent. Geoscientists believe these giants account for 40 percent of the world’s petroleum reserves. They are clustered in 27 regions of the world, with the largest clusters in the Persian Gulf and Western Siberian Basin.


The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas – Michael Klare

Prof. Michael Klare: “Oil equals War”. That has always been and will remain so until all the oil runs out. Or even intensify now that peak-oil more or less is among us. Even in a free world market for oil, and no scarcity, there will be strategic positions taken in to “guarantee” energy security . In case of imbalances armed conflict is unavoidable. The two world wars, the Middle East conflict, the invasion of Iraq in Kuwait, the Iraq war and many smaller conflicts in Africa and South America show this very clearly. Read more…

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