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Price Solar Down To 42 Cents/Watt In 2015

50% was the price drop for Chinese manufactured conventional silicon solar panels between 2009-2012. Expect another 30% decrease until 2015.


Price Development Solar Panels in Germany

Between 2006 and 2011 prices for solar panels more than halved.
We are reminded of the price decay of personal computers.


Energy will become unpayable for lower incomes

Statement made by Dutchman Peter Terium, CEO of RWE, a giant energy supplier from Germany. He might be right but for the wrong reasons as he blames ‘the desire to move away from fossil fuels’ for the increased cost of energy, stubornly ignoring that depletion of said fossil fuels is behind the ‘desire’ to find alternatives.


The 100 year old picture shows immigrant children in the US. Scenes like this soon in a street near you?

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