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Skoda Breaks Through 100k Batteries Milestone

Škoda has achieved the 100k car batteries milestone. The batteries are used in Škoda, Audi, SEAT and VW cars. In a production unit of 2,000 m2, a daily output of 800 batteries is realized.

[] – ŠKODA Reaches A Milestone: 100K Batteries

Czech Republic Intends to Build 1.2 GW Nuclear Power Plant

[Existing Dukovany nuclear plant]

The Czech government intends to build a nuclear reactor, that should replace old reactors, as well as existing power stations that run on lignite. The reactor is to be completed by 2036. The government estimates the cost at € 5–6 billion, critics fear it will be much more.

Another issue is who is to build the new reactor. The president Zeman favors the Russian Rosatom, but the security establishment has reserves against Russian or Chinese suppliers. Alternatives would be South Korea’s KHNP, France’s EDF and US group Westinghouse.

[] – Czech gov. intends building new nuclear block
[] – Tsjechische overheid zet plannen voor nieuwe kernreactor door
[Google Maps] – Dukovany

Dlouhé Stráně Hydro-Electric Powerstation

[] – Dlouhé stráně Hydro Power Plant
[Google Maps] – Dlouhé Stráně, Czech Republic

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